Home Discussion Forum Does CONSCIOUSNESS affect the laws of Physics in any way?

Does CONSCIOUSNESS affect the laws of Physics in any way?

Just for eg: If I ….and a dummy having the same physical characteristics that of me …floating in space ….Does the way of things that follow differs in any way due to consciousness in me and its absence in the dummy.
if consciousness changes the outcome of physical processes….should we attribute a physical factor for it in our equations?


  1. If consciousness requires brain electrical activity then it can potentially affect its sorroundings. As for alowing for it in equations, depends on the size of the efffect being measured. In the majority of situations its influence may be negligible.

  2. What is called conscioussness is really the spirit in your soul.
    Modern medical science has nerver been able to explain what gives life in the soul or what makes you feel that you have life . The phenomenon of biological life is explained in terms of DNA only.However no scientific explanation about the spirit in the soul.

  3. Interesting question. If you are conscious in space you can move while the dummy cannot. For example, if you are spinning, moving your arms in or out will slow or speed the spin (like a figure skater). The same would happen if the dummy’s arms moved but not by conscious decision. Our laws of physics may not all be entirely correct as they are attempts by man to model the universe from atoms to galaxies. Einstein’s relativity corrected errors in Newton’s laws of motion although Newton’s laws work very well for speeds far less than the speed of light. The universe will continue to “operate” as it always has regardless of whether our laws of physics are or are not yet perfected. Likely we may never really know.

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