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Does chakra really exist???

I know this is a stupid question but I want to know. I watch this anime call Naruto and he use chakra and hand seal to perform a skill. If really have this chakra thing, how to do a skill like Kage Bunshin no Jutsu or Rasengan or something like that? Teach me how?


  1. The term chakra refers to a series of seven energy centers within the physical body. The term is Sanskrit and translated into english roughly as wheel. These energy centers are part of the understanding of energy within the Hindu, Tibetan Lama, and Buddhist religious mystical paths. They have also become part of the lexicon of western mystical study as well. I am familiar with the Naruto animae and most of what is protrayed in it is pure fantasy, peppered with real world terminology that is often misapplied and misrepresented.
    Essentially the chakras are connected with the Idea of Chi (Qi, KI) which in India is known as Prana or vital life energy. It is through these centers that that energy manifests and is manifested. Each center is associated with internal organs as well as emotional states. When the levels are high a person “feels” stronger physically and IS stronget mentally and spiritually, conversely wne the levels are low, one “feels” weaker physically and IS weaker mentally and spiritually.
    The use of that energy and certain hand signs (called Mudra in India and Kanji in Japan) is part of mystical practices associated with very old, very high practitioners of the mystical paths in Buddhism, Shinto, HInduis, Tibetan Lamaism and a number of other spiritual/mystical disciplines. It is something that would take a lieftime (several in actuality) to even begin to understand, and even then very little of what is portrayed there would be possible. I have seen first hand some of the feats accomplished by real world masters in those mystical paths (Tibetan Lamas, Indian Yogis) and none were even close to what you are talking about although they were far beyond what one would think IS possible…
    So, basically…yes charka is real…but it is NOT what it is portrayed on the show. Too bad too becasue that one Jutsu where he brings out all those naked girls could have gotten me out of a couple of fights….LOL…

  2. In one way, they’re real. In another way, they’re not.
    All sciences are models. Relativity is mathematical models of how the universe works. Biology is models of how living organisms work. The chakras or maridians are one set of models of how the human body works. They are useful for determining how injuring this part over here can affect that part over there.
    BUT (and my pastor always said what is really important is what comes after the “but”) there are not actually chanels through the body where some form of spirit energy travels. By learning how the different parts of your body affect each other, you can achieve some amazing feats, I am not going to deny that. However, they are all within the realm of what the human body is physically capable of. I’ve seen people do two-finger handstand pushups. Your body can do that with the proper conditioning. I’ve never seen anyone fly, cause a whirlwind, do any kind of telekenisis, or hypnotise someone on the spot. Your body just simply cannot do those things. You would be amazed what your body can do with the proper conditioning, but it’s never going to be supernatural.

  3. Go to your local doctors office… and ask them. When they look at you funny and possibly throw you in the phyc ward… you will have your answer. Pick up your pride, walk out and get on with your life.
    Sounds more like Summnor Geeks to me. Or Stephen Lynch making fun of Dungeons and Dragon nerds.
    “ITS D&D!!!! Sumoning the demons of hell! ITS D&D!!!!! Never kissed a lady before!!!! Now Tikes a real bastard but a fair dungeon master, he’s got carizma and hit points to lend!”

  4. I believe everyone has a chi which is a simular type of thing doesnt mean everyone has the same the same belief,in fact most people would rubbish you for this belief-there problem.i think chakra is loosely based on the chinese meridian lines(theres lots of other names for this type of thing) and simular beliefs.(i wouldn’t swear on a stack of bibles though.)
    what i do know though is it has nothing to do with any stupid game or whetever the hell your talking about.


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