Home Discussion Forum Does chakra go against the bible's rules?

Does chakra go against the bible's rules?

Does chakra go against the bible’s rules?
If it’s different in the Christian or Catholic bibles plz tell me.


  1. Even with or without Bible–how much people really know about Chakrams ?–before asking Bibe rules–let it be understood,what is the Etymology and Ontology of CHAKRAM?

  2. Yogi is a development of extrasensory perception and such manifestations of “serpent power” as knowledge of the future, clairvoyance, levitation and clairaudience? A Biblical incident enables us to identify the source of these things. At Philippi, “a certain servant girl with a spirit, a demon of divination,” met Paul and his companions. “She used to furnish her masters with much gain by practicing the art of prediction,” says the account. But in the name of Jesus Christ the apostle Paul ordered the demon to come out of her, “and it came out that very hour.” With what result? No longer was she able to predict the future. (Acts 16:16-19) A demon had been responsible for her uncanny power.
    The unvarnished truth is that yoga’s “serpent power” is spiritism, which is condemned in the Bible. (Rev. 21:8) Behind such occult power is “the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth.” (Rev. 12:9) Guard against deception by the Devil and his demons. Draw aid from God’s Word, the Bible. Yoga in any form definitely cannot benefit you. It can only do you harm.


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