Does ceremonial magick have anything to do with Wicca?





does ceremonial magick from grimoires, such as the the key of solomon and the black pullet, have anything to do with wicca? and if it does, then why does it ask to pray to God instead of pagan dieties?
when i say “God” i meant the christian god.


  1. What Elder H said.
    Ceremonial Magic has nothing to do with Wicca. CM is very old, while Wicca (not witchcraft) wasn’t invented until the 1940’s. There is no relation. However, Gerald Gardner attempted to incorporate it into Wicca.

  2. Ceremonial Magick is largely Judeo-Christian, however, Gerald Gardner, who first um… popularized Wicca… he borrowed alot of stuff from Ceremonial Magick.

  3. Wiccans incorperate what ever they want.
    No they dont have anything to do with Wicca… they were wrote long before the creation of Wicca.
    The Key of Solomon is more a Kabbalistic work… but it is believed through time, as people took copies, Jesus and the holy spirit were added.
    Incase you didnt know… Wicca was created in the 1950’s. A lot of its Ceremonial magick is similar to the writings in those and other Grimoires, because of Gerald Gardners influences, not to mention is interaction with Aleister Crowley.

  4. I am a Ceremonial Magickian, Thelemite, Druid and Alchemist. I can assure you that Ceremonial Magick has nothing to do with religion. I have known Golden Dawn Adepts who were Catholic and some who were Thelemites. While the Golden Dawn is not the only Ceremonial Magick group they are one of the most well known. There are many options. This is a process by which you are working to figure out the building blocks of the universe and rearrange them like cosmic Leggos. The process predates the Grimoires (renaissance word meaning loosely journal) by at least 1,000 years. Socrates and those boys were working on this process as were the ancient Egyptians. We have the Emerald Tablet of Hermes dating back a LONG way. Now I am not saying that it is in the same form, but they were all doing some version of this. By the time we get to the Keys of Solomon Greater and Lesser, we have introduced Qabbalah into alchemy and we can hang this whole process on a spiffy tool called the Tree of Life. This is really getting traction in the beginning of the Renassiance by the Spanish Jews.
    While herbalists and other form of nature folks have been around for ever, they were really travelling a different path. It was not until Gardener that we get a formalized version in the 1950’s. Wicca is a religion with a God and Goddess.
    Today when many of us work through those ancient Grimoires we are using a form of the Great Cosmic it and not necessarily a Jewish or Christian God. When you work with any of the Keys Goetia or Angels you do so in Divine authority. It does not matter what form your Divinity takes.
    Enjoy your universe!

  5. Not all ceremonial magick comes from one religious source. Since Wicca is partially influenced by a ceremonial magick tradition (Thelema) it stands to reason that some Wiccans do ceremonial magick, especially those in covens.

  6. Ceremonial magic (500 years or older, drawing on many text that are considerably older) is much older than Wicca (which only emerged in the 20th century). CM influenced a number of things, including a group called the Golden Dawn. Many of the ideas and rituals of the Golden Dawn made their way into Wicca, although their meanings and contexts were frequently changed.
    For example, circle casting, the five elements, the pentagram representing the five elements, the ideas of working tools, the pairings of complementary opposites, quarter calling, and degree elevations are all borrowed from the Golden Dawn, and many of those things in turn were borrowed from older forms of CM.
    So Wicca has something to do with CM, but CM doesn’t really have much to do with Wicca, other than being one of its source materials.
    You are correct in that CM is generally rooted in Judeo-Christian belief.

  7. Well, it has a *little* to do with it. Ceremonial Magick is something that came about somewhere around the 1600’s or so (I could *seriously* be wrong about this, and ceremonial magicians tend to be very exacting, so I’m ballparking.) with magicians such as John Dee, who was the official astrologer for Queen Elisabeth.
    It has a lot to do with studying things like ancient texts such as the Key of Solomon, the Corpus Hermetica, Qabalah, and also working with angelic or demonic intelligences.
    Usually, though not always, ceremonial magicians will come together in groups that are based on initiations and degrees (which most Wiccan groups also have, although not as many as in cm) and the learning of various disciplines. A couple of famous groups that you may have heard of being the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Ordo Templi Orientis.
    Its practices do not *resemble* Wicca very much, although some Wiccans can and do incorporate a lot of the ideas of ceremonial magick into their practice.
    One of the most significant ways Wicca has been influenced by ceremonial magick is the fact that it is believed that Wicca was started by Gerald Gardner, a member of the OTO, and the most famous ceremonial magician of them all, Aleister Crowley.
    Oh, and about the praying to God instead of pagan deities. A lot of ceremonial magic is based upon Hebrew Qabalah, and on Gnosticism, which is sort of associated with Christianity (that’s another, very detailed issue). Also, in the early days of ceremonial magic, it was kind of unsafe not to be a Christian, due to the oppression of the Catholic church. Around the 1800s, it was common for a ceremonial magician to be a good upstanding churchgoer, as well as a member of a secret society.

  8. Ceremonial Magick is a different path altogether from Wicca.
    BTW…Pagan Deities are God…..and Goddess. Don’t confuse the title ‘God’ with the name of the God. God is not the name.

  9. Well yes but it is not limited to Wicca. Many magickal paths preform ceremonial magick.
    Edit: Who says it is the Christian God. According to the teachings of The Order of Melchizedek (the same priesthood that Jesus is a Priest forever in) That God is a Universal Power that is genderless, neither male or female but both. So if God is God and, as stated in the Bible, is called by many names then God is not only God but also Goddess. We just put the lable of a Male persona on God as a way for our Mortal minds to comprehend something that is unfathomable.
    Rev. Dr, Donald Betz D.D.

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