Does Buddhism and Taoism or Hinduism mention about the end of the world like Christianity and Islam?

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Sean :D

Yes and no.


they believe that but different way of sign

Financial Failure.

I’ve never heard of it honestly.


my indian friend who’s a hindhu…said yes. and she said the signs are here…
i didn’t ask anymore….i’ve been dreaming about the end of the world like a prophecy or something *shiver*


I’ve never heard of it. Because there is no single prescribed book in these religions I suppose. I think these relgions are certain ways (paths) of life rather than a any prescription for going to heaven or punishment in Hell.


they like to see the world as a spinning wheel
where ever u go , u will travel back to the same spot again
where there life there is dead
where there a beginning there is an end

Greg L

In Buddhism, dwelling on the exact date of the end of the world is a complete waste of time and unproductive. Doing so would be an attachment.
However, in Buddhist fundamentals and laws of how things work, we kIND of hint at the estimates of when a world tends to end or what signs show the end of the world, by logic.
1) When the Buddha Dharma completely disappears, meaning not even one person in this world could remember even the world Buddha or even a syllable of the Buddha’s name, that’s the beginning of the end. Soon after that, all other religions in the world that teach good deeds, will die out too. People will gradually become more and more deluded and poisoned. Naturally, religion and faith will have no place when “evil” takes over.
Thus, imagine a world without any reason or motivation to practice good deeds or be kind to others. This would be a world of chaos, evil, greed, selfishness, war, sickness, disease, and hate. There’s no reason to be good. Every man for himself. The world at the time won’t look so luxurious like we have it now. Pollution and extreme disasters would be the setting of this time, I assume. In any case, people kill each other off and war wipes everyone out eventually. But you can imagine, as the Buddha Dharma is still flourishing, we have a long long way to go.
2) Another estimate of the world’s end is the discussion of kalpa time measurement. Even I don’t understand or bother with these mundane details, but a kalpa in time measures about many tens of thousands of years. It has something to do with the average life-span of humans? The human life-span starts from 10 years, gradually increases to like 80,000, and then declines back to 10 years. And at that last decline, people would have been too deluded by then. Their merits so low and no good deeds are done regularly. Naturally, the life span is short… people don’t have merits to live long anymore. Thus, the world is too deluded. And in around the time when life-spans are short, there is a window when the Buddha appears to teach people. And the cycle continues.
This kalpa cycle coincides with the world coming to an “end”. I heard the explanation before and it made sense, but I forgot how to explain it myself. But the two instances above actually parallel.
In both instances, the end of world is not coming that soon. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas do not dwell on the “predictions” of exact dates publicly as a part of their teaching. It’s a human thing to do. So when people put “predictions” like Nostradamus onto the Future Buddha Maitreya, I say “uh huh”.


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