Home Discussion Forum does bruce lee know how to use chi?

does bruce lee know how to use chi?

chi energy within


  1. I am an avid follower of Bruce Lee. Yes, when he was alive, Bruce Lee was a master of inner strength and energy. IT was the basis behind his 1 inch punch. He talks about it some in his book ‘Toa of Jeet Kune Do’. It is not easy to master this, but Bruce Lee devoted his life, unfortionaltey cut short, to all aspects of the martial arts. He died when he was 31 in 1973. Many have tried to channel energy like he did, but to my knowledge, the closest anyone every came was resulted in the 3 inch punch.

  2. i’m sure he did.
    kung fu is doing chi. taichi, qigong, are all considered martial arts and therefore, kung fu. kung fu however, is more external chi.

  3. Just to clear up a few things, Bruce Lee’s one inch punch was never about the use of chi per se (although that’s not to say he didn’t practice the use of chi energy, as I believe he did). It was actually a demonstration of technique and joint power. And contrary to popular belief, the principles behind the one-inch punch (and the three-inch) are originally from Wing Chun, not Jeet Kune Do. Most experienced Wing Chun practitioners have always been able to perform this punch.
    But to answer the question, even though I’ve never read anything by or about Bruce Lee that references his use of chi, I’m moderately sure that he had some knowledge of it…his passion for adapting different martial arts principles would have exposed him to it if nothing else.


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