Does blood shed purge all sin consciousness, or almost all, but not all?

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Hebrews 9 seems to begin a reasoning to Hebrews that law should become dead testator of the New Testament so grace may be of force to all; since sacrifice, which is of the law and to the law, can’t purge all sin consciousness nor make anyone perfect; Law being limited and imperfect itself.
Law demands perfection, yet law cannot deliver it.
Grace doesn’t demand, but grace can make perfect.

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Jesus is God. Only the blood of Jesus pays for sins, ALL SINS.
Nothing else can pay for even one sin. Not the law, not works, not “good behavior”, not “turning from sins”.

Blue Ball, Warrior of Odin

Yea, R&S is being awfully scary today….


This is to say, that without sacrifice for sins, there is no remission (i.e. passing over); and the sacrifice is repentance; our sincere remorse for our sins that touches our heart, and causes us to reform our lives; that is, putting to death the sins in our lives, rather that a ritual or ceremony, which cannot take away sins.

Caine S

sin is a mental time and space….go with your own morals, not some ancient mill grinder


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