Does Black Obsidian Get Rid Of Negative Energy?

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I know Black Obsidian protects you from negative energies, but does it convert it to positive energy? And does it get rid of the negative energy already in you from the start?

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no it attracts the devil and he’s after you. GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE NOW!!!!!!!!

Steven Stânga ➤➤➤➤

here you go man hope this helps out some black tourmaline would work to repel but fluorite changes negative energy and makes it work for you.


It is just a piece of rock. Other than hitting someone up side the head with it. It doesn’t repel anything.

John B

From the start, you need to clear your stone from any past energy it may have picked up from others before it got to you. Then charge it with positive energy for good vibrations for you. And you need to be a positive person also. For example, you cannot be a person who does bad things through life. Otherwise the blk obsidian can pick up on this.It should not be worn, if you are inclined to sadness of personality.


Yes, but you have to get it really far up your butt.

Hlukk Brambsamur

I don’t know about Black obsidian (commonly known as a teacher stone) but there is smoky quartz which will work for removal of negative energy. What another poster mentioned about clearing the stones before use is vital. It also depends on the focus of what you are trying to remove energy from. If you have the excess capital, which few have anymore, but still, a good book is “Love is in the Earth”. It’s very thurough on the metaphysical properties of stones.


Personally i use it as a grounding stone and it has worked for me quite well so far. I think the rarer golden obsidian works better but thats just a quirk of mine.
Good luck


From what I understand, any black stone works well to transmute negative energy into good energy, or neutral energy. Just be sure to cleanse it often, if you’re pouring tons of energy into it.


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