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Does black magick really work?

Is there any evidence that black magick works? I would like to learn it if it does but not for rituals and crap. I want to be able to effect living things and notice my effect.

So how do I begin? I did hear about Aleister Crowley, but I don’t know much about the subject.


  • it does work but if you just rush through then youll end up destroying yourself.if you want to harm people with black magick then youll need to use meditation and rituals to find your inner focus.and very few have the ability to use magick so youll need Patience to do it.

  • Well two things,

    First, Magic doesn’t have a colour really, it is simple the flow of living energy that runs through the world. Like most anything, it’s how its uses that gives it the purpose. While its common, for people to think of magic as being either black or white, it can also be blue, yellow and green as well, depending on what it is being used for.

    Second, The use of magic isn’t something to be played with. You might not want to do the rituals etc, but those are the tools that are used for connecting with the earth’s energy and manipulating it. Those rituals that you don’t want to do are there to help you to focus and gain the correct mindset that will allow you to manifest your needs and intentions.

  • I believe it does, but I believe it’s one of the worst things one can possibly do. Not only is it an extremely grave sin against God, but it’s also an open invitation to demonic possession.

  • Our illusions only have the power we give them.

    If you honestly believe that they work, there isn’t anything I can do to convince you otherwise.

  • I think if you need to ask a question like, “does black magic really work”, then you have much bigger problems that need addressed.

  • Yes absolutely. Have courage and try some yourself. If you find it’s good, then that’s fine. If you find it’s evil, that’s fine too. (because you then know it “really works”)

    If you’re going to try some Crowleyana, I suggest getting the book “Magick in Theory and Practice,” which can be found at Amazon (either in a larger more expensive volume, or under the “used” section, for a decent price) . . . I tried Crowley. It wasn’t for me.

    Crowley’s magical systems (to me) seem to stand with one foot on the Old Age and one foot in the New Age. (which is to be expected… he was in a “secret society” while the new age will bring everything to light)

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