Does Black Magic really work?

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Does anyone believe that casting black magic spells actually has any effect?
I don’t practice black magic, i just want to hear peoples views on the subject! Intelligent answers would be nice!

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black magic is magic used for harming another. it works and its very dangerous. whatever you do WILL come back and get you.



Gary B

Only for Carlos Santana.


When I do it, yes.


Not really. I think it’s a kind of hypnotism, some people might be more vulnerable than others!


yes it does in asian coutries people do it for other people bad luck or to harm them it is very scary thou


My friend from Nigeria, says that there are witches and people who use black magic
so yes I kinda belive in black magic


Yes, but I wouldn’t do it. It’ll come back to bite you in the rear in the end.

Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯

Do you believe that there are people who do good things for others?
(answer this question outloud)
Do you believe that there are people who do bad things to others?
(answer this question outloud)
Do you believe in blessings? Have you ever wished someone goodness? Every wished someone Good Luck? Safe Trip? Every said Have a great day?
(answer this question outloud)
All of the above mentioned examples are blessings, good wishing or good energy towards a person place or thing. Do you think they are just words or is there a reason why we say these things? I’ve got a feeling you’re going to say because you hope it goes well for them. Science today has proven that our thoughts actually leave our heads in what are known as brain waves that can be measured by scientific equipement. These brain waves are not a new idea but rather very old. People knew that our thoughts could generate energy and cause things to happen which is why people give away blessings to others through out the day. I feel that there is more power behind a blessings if you actually knew what you were doing because that that point you know you are sending them a burst of energy to work on their favor. It’s more focused.
Now if we have the power to give blessings and to wish goodness for another, what makes you think that we cannot do otherwise? What makes you think that we already don’t curse other people with our sight. In some cultures there is something called “el mal de ojo” which is the “evil eye” and it is not something that is always done on purpose. It just happens often when someone sees something you like they send out a burst of energy that could harm the item. Or if the victim is a child then the child will begin to show symptoms of discomfort, restlessness, continous crying and maybe even a fever. It is a common occurance that goes unnoticed by many people.
Curses happen more often than not but at different levels. Most of them are unknown as opposed to someone actually attacking another by means of magick.
So does destructive magick actually exist and work? Absolutely. Which is why there are protective prayers, protective spells, protective charms (why else would they exist?). Which is why some people ask a priest to come bless their home when things are going bad or when they are moving into a new home. Or to be blessed themselves when things are going pretty bad. There are forces that are not always taken into account but that affect us daily whether we know it or not.
Blessings to you,
Shadow Storm


There is no black or white magic. It is the intent behind the magic. Magic is neutral. And it does work.


Yeah, black magic really does work. I know three spells, Blizzaga, Firaga, and Thundaga. Im currently trying to learn Flare or Flarega.


i am in search of that….


I sometimes use black magic to fly


If a men is spelled by black magic can you remove it? I was in a relationship for 11years. 4 beautiful little girls, one day i caught my boyfriend at work with another girl i kickef him out he moved in with her that same day.three months later we tryed again to work it out but i started noticing he wasnt the same tossing n turn, hot flashes always out of it. I went to three different card readers and they told me she did black magica on him. After getting back together two months later he left again again now is going on a year. His actions towards me are very hating. He takes her side, he puts her first before his kids. Not to mention i just had a baby girl by him, he wants nothing to do with her he states its not his daughter knowing we where together went i got pregnant. she has him so wrap around her fingers, his not the same father figure loving person he was…i need help asap plz.

jaas 'ducky' Diaz

YES. It doesn’t always come back btw. You’re thinking of wiccas threefold rule. It doesn’t apply to obeah for example.


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