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Does Black Magic only come back to haunt you if you use is for bad?

or is black magic only used for bad and that’s why its called ‘Black” Magic. sorry if i am asking a rhetorical question.


  1. Black magic is called that because it is used for Dark things, bad or evil things, or at least selfish things. It is the Left Hand Path, the one that cares nothing for the cost to the practitioner or those on whom it is used. It is something to be avoided if possible.
    Magic is neutral, what you use it for determines how much of a Karmic bite it has! Most magic is actually shades of gray.

  2. magic comes back to haunt you no matter what.
    for example
    you do a money magic spell…a close relative dies and you get money from their insurance

  3. magick has no color. But its called black magic because people used to think that meant evil, and what not. I could go into full history of it but i kinda am lazy right now…. after looking after my nieces, i could just collasp right now.
    Lets put it this when it comes to magick and anything you do in life, it will come back you 3fold. (3 x 3) So if you give 3 dollars, you’ll 9 back some time. If you hurt someone, you will eventually get hurt 3x harder.
    Got it?

  4. Beware the Law of Threefold Return – if a magical working aimed at another fails, either through your lack of resolve, or the person you aim it at is powerful enough to defend themself, then it’s only got one place to go to and it will return with increased momentum and velocity to its place of origin.
    A bit like a letter-bomb marked “Unknown at this address – return to sender”
    So.. you have been warned.

  5. The use of words like Green, Black, Red, Grey and White when speaking of magick is to lable the type of magick you practice.
    When you offer magickal services and you want the public to know what you do then you could say “I am a practitioner of Black Magick”. Meaning that your magicks have no ethics, they know no limits and you will harm without a care in the world. Black magick is destructive in nature and is not good for neither the one who casts the spells nor the one who it is done to.
    Read up on the Law of Attraction. It shows you how Like attracts Like – How you become a magnet to the energy you vibrate to. In the law of attraction when they use the term UNIVERSE, that is the equivalent of God. So if you call on money through an affirmation then god will answer your prayers. It has to be a positive affirmation of course. But in the case where you practice destructive magick, that which you send out, you call into your life. The universe does not hear every word to every sentence you speak. It heard only key words.
    Example one: I Am abundance. I have all that I need and I am greatful.
    The above is a positive affirmation which will attract abundance to you.
    Example two: I don’t want bills to come to me anymore.
    The above is a negative affirmation because the universe doesn’t care for words l ike “Do” and “Don’t”. So if you were to use this negative affirmation, the universe (God) will send you more bill because the focus to that affirmation were Bills!
    Example Three: The practice of dark magick will then bring into your life terrible energy build-up, imbalances and all that other nasty stuff.
    This is because what you send out, the universe hears and it sends you your requests. have you ever woken up and told yourself “This is going to be a shitty day” and the whole day is just horrible? The universe gave you what you requested.
    So yes, Black magick (destructive magick) is harmful to both the user and the person it is being done to. Like attracts like. On top of that there is the law of three, the law of three times three and then theres the law of three times three times three (there are others but just to give examples). This means that when we pray or spell, we do so on a mental level, physical level and emotional level so the univese receives the same request THREE TIMES. So it sends it back to you in such a way (and more because God is abunance!)
    Then you have Karma. This is not a form of punishment but more like a parent. It teaches us things we need to learn and helps us find balance in our lives. If you are using destructives spells to harm another person because they took your lover, then the universe will teach you patience, understanding, love and many other things to correct your mental state. And as we all know, not all of these lessons are fun to experience. Some of them are terrible and leave us feeling like we’re being punished.
    So it is best to stay away from it all and instead surround yourself with high vibrational energies like love, trust, happiness and protection. all of these are high vibrational and the more you practice them, the more you bring into your life because again, God/Universe is abundant and will answer our prayers.
    Be Blessed,
    Shadow Storm the Witch

  6. Magic is the use of energy to create change. It is not color coded. The color coded terminology is based on the INTENT of the person casting.

  7. its called black magic because it is used for bad. quite frankly, there isnt categories of magic. there is no white and gray and black, those are just words that people came up with to describe certain things. its a matter of karma, not color.

  8. Magic is neutral, like the knives in my kitchen. I used one to prepare food for my family, therefore a knife is a good or “white” tool. If someone uses one to kill, then does it become bad or “Black”?
    It is not the tools it is the intention.

  9. if a person dies in the case of black magic will he brought back from any tantrik(Black magian) or we can bring his soul back….


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