Does being told to wear pants all the time give your avatar a spiritual crisis?

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Try to spell this time

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Night Nurse

no pants for me honey


no pants, but all shoes 😉


I know, my falling bear doesn’t to wear pants but celbreties and crazy pet owners keep wanting to dress him up. So he is in crisis.


My avatar happens to be in a dress thank you very much!! And the only spiritual crisis I know of is seperation from God.


No I never get told that. She is gorgeous in her white dress.


Yeah, the skirt is much better. lol


I only have a head shot, but that scarf I’m wearing is really a pair of pants.


Yes, she kicks, screams, and throws a huge temper tantrum; constantly yelling at others “Real women don’t wear men’s clothing!”

chuffedinit x

no but funny enough if you cheak my last two questions it may seem that way!

Pretty Paws

Have you considered a kilt?

Assaulted Peanut

are you kidding??
<<< look at this face! I've got bigger things to worry about than not wearing pants! LOL


Do they make pants with four legs? Also I must have a tail hole. Having to dress with my tail down one leg or the other gives people the wrong idea! My icon is a girl!
Is something wrong with my spelling?


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