There are spiritual traditions of giving up “the world,” or of asceticism, and on the other hand we have practices such as tantra. I’m wondering about people’s thoughts regarding the need to give up sensuality to reach the highest states of spirituality — or whether on the other hand our physicality can be an aid to this.

I am not speaking of sexuality alone, but any sensual pleasure.

If you don’t mind, please include your religion or state what your beliefs are as well.


  • Spirituality has EVERYTHING to do with “stopping to smell the roses”! Even the Dalai Lama laughs! I believe that we are here to ENJOY life, not just ENDURE it. On the sexual side, that’s why we have Tantric sex or Grand Rite. Honoring the things that have been provided for you to enjoy, and enjoying them, is the most spiritual thing I can imagine. Some spend their lives trying to “escape” the World and all its “dangers” that supposedly distract us from what we are “really” here for. Good thing I’m not one of them!

  • I’m from NY– now I live in the South– but I have always lived in God’s sight.

    God made all our senses — sensuality is part of us. Don’t you think Jesus must have danced when he was young? Don’t you think Jesus must have enjoyed wearing a fine new robe that His mother made when he was young?

    We all enjoy looking at a beautiful face or a buffed body or a lovely lady who walks or dances with grace like a sensuous cat. That’s part of the enjoyment of life.

    What are my beliefs? I was raised Catholic but became Omnireligious a LONG time ago (I go to different churches, worship services, and read up about other belief systems).

  • I think it is very possible that our incarnations are specifically for spiritual growth, and the physical experience.
    I also believe that it is the clearing of the mind that is ultimately the catalyst for high states of spiritualness. I find it is possible that alot of the people who punish themselves as with living an asthetic life in some cases are hiding from the world instead of giving it up for whatever reason, although I am sure there is the rare chance that this is not done for selfish reasons.
    Sex seems to be much more than we credit it with. some of us believe that there are certain energetic emissions that are very very spiritualy enlightning if you will.And at the same time It is also understood that the release of sexual energy without understanding as in with masturbation is wasted energy that can be used for other things like the use of healing others or the self. Energy is versitile and can be used for many diverse reasons and things. The act of experiencing sensuality is a free will choice and should, in my opinion, be looked at as a lesson in the search for knowledge, and a gain in intelligence and experience. And not a doctrinated act set with guidlines of use.There are so many people with so many wonderful ideas and opinions, why should we limit ourselves to conformity so blindly? It seems there has been some misinforming concerning truth and free will.
    My beliefs are that this duality has a purpose but is not all that there is. There is something more to life. There is more than just right or wrong, clean or dirty and so on. I am an earthling just like all the plants, animals, and people. But I am also something much more as is everything. It is truly confusing when people want to become more spiritual when in fact we are purley spirits already. Maybe the acceptance of the self is what is in question here and not what others believe should be a mandate.

  • The two are totally different and sensuality is leaser then spirituality. sensuality in all its forms is to satisfy the flesh. The spirit is the only way to have total control over anything if the spirit rules it will take you beyond satisfying the flesh and into satisfying the soul. The only way to satisfy both is by giving control to the holy spirit and allowing it to change what the flesh perceives as a need to be pleasured because the flesh dies after the number of days is given up. If you try satisfying the spirit it can be satisfied. Trying to satisfy the flesh that is always crying out because it is dieing would be to speed up the process because fulfillment of ones purpose is self ending.It is the spirit that never dies and there for it can not be for filled in any way but by reunification with the one whom created it. -Daughter Of The Most High

  • Most religions prohibits only sex with partners other than your spouse. The problem is the play of words. What is meant by “highest state of spirituality?” In many cases, this term by definition requires avoidance of sexual gratification. Thus by definition this precludes sexual gratification. If however, by “spirituality” is simply meant a life dedicated to the practice of Christian precepts (or other religious precepts), this does not exclude sexual gratification if it is achieved within the prescribed conditions of the religious group.

  • “If you live the sacred and despise the ordinary you are still bobbing in the sea of delusion” – Lin-Chi

    I’d agree with that. Yeah, I see a lot of different forms of spirituality that are dominant on “giving up the world”/”growing out of certain things”/whatever term you care to use.

    Even part of Buddhist philosophy is that “life is suffering and that to reach Nirvana you must follow the eightfold path” (not sure if that applies to all branches, but certainly to some of the major ones).

    I may be missing something on this one, but as I see it, Spirituality should (IMO) be about the emotional, spiritual and moral well being of the individual alongside the aim to find greater truth. And like it or lump it, we are here, now, on this earth, flesh and blood.

    Why run and hide from the mundane world around you in search of another good? How can we hope to really see any real beauty or truth, if we cannot accept what is around us as we speak, what joy there really is – sensual or otherwise? How can a person be expected to lead a fulfilled life if there are major areas which are empty?

    Honestly, I see sensuality to be a pretty important part of the human psyche, a good anchor to hold on to, something to enjoy in the world around us. It shouldn’t be the “be all or end all” of things, but I don’t see why we should run and hide from it.

    Just my 2 pennies


  • Well, “giving it up” is perhaps to strong a term. Eventually you “grow” out of certain things. However, we are human, there are certain needs that just happen to be pleasurable. It’s not a trade situation. Sex, human touch, comfort are human needs. We are living as humans and we do need to meet our needs to stay healthy.

    Mind, body and spirit.


  • NO!!!!

    Why would a deity give a damn who you sleep with or what position you use?

    Again, the sexually repressed fundies think we should all fear our bodies and our sexuality.

  • in Christian faith, finding God has nothing to do with sex. God works on a differntly level than our own physical pleasures. besides, sex can consistantly become your god, and one can only have one god.

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