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Does avoiding from sex helps in achieving super-consciousness ?

i achieved this by a little addition of religion ,concentration on god, some sharing knowledge with intelligent and wise people . i could do so by controlling desires about sex . is it true for every one ?


  1. Don’t avoid sex. Control your desires, but don’t hide from them. That way lies madness. Instead avoid religion and the belief in non-existant gods. Last of all, there is no such thing as super-conciousness! There is self-delusion and hallucination, which some people mistake for super-conciousness, or ‘enlightenment’. That is, in the end, simply self-indulgence. Think about it.

  2. Deprivation has been known to help concentration and focus. But I would presume that, after a while, desire for the thing you are depriving yourself of, might make focus impossible. But everyone is different, I guess.

  3. No because everyone doesn’t want to control their desires but yes i believe if you put your energy into positive things, then you can be more in touch with your super-consciousness/higher self. But i suppose that could be achieved weather or not you are having Sex, as long as you are mixing with the right people for your higher development.

  4. Yes. Desire is the root cause for every thing. Sex is derived out of Fantasy. If one control the desire and avoid the Fantasy one can achieve
    the super conscious state of mind


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