Home Discussion Forum does aura have any relation to chakra?

does aura have any relation to chakra?

I have been told by different people that my aura is green and i read up on it and it fits my personality. So I was wondering what my chakra is and does my aura have something to do with it?


  1. I don’t think it has to do w/chakras. I also think auras colors can change. Once when I was scared, I was told my aura was like this bright white light. Not sure if its like that all the time or if I was like in protective mode or something or had protection.

  2. Isn’t Chakra the equivalent of Qi? In that case aura and Qi wouldn’t be the same, since Qi is like energy in martial arts which you get externally (air) and aura is something that radiates from internally.

  3. Its certainly your own personal energy, and is affected by the chakras, but they’re definately not the same thing.
    Handy note, most ‘aura’ pictures are just pictures of the heat radiating from your body.


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