Does Astrology Conflict With The Bible's Teachings?





I am a Christian and love and believe in God with all my heart, but I have recently become interested in reading about the characteristics of my astrological sighn, just for fun…i mean i really dont believe in everything the astrologers list, its just interesting for me to read. I was wondering if this violated any of Gods principles, even if I am no a true believer in astrology.


  1. Astronomy the study of the stars is fine, but astrology/divination is not.
    My mom was heavy into astrology it played havoc with her life, led her
    into spiritualism, not a good thing. She repented & turned away from
    all of that to Messiah Yahshua. It may seem fun, just like a fortune
    cookie, but they are both dangerous, you are believing another spirit.
    Lev 19:26 & Acts 16:16-18

  2. I think astrology is interesting and all of our planets and everything in our atmosphere was made by God so, we naturally as humans wonder if it’s possible that everything around & about us makes us who we are, including when we were born but the bible says its witchcraft.

  3. Doing horoscopes is wrong because it falls under the area of the occult(divination) which God condemns and calls it an abomination.When you do that you come out from Gods’ protective umbrella so to speak and open yourself to demonic influence.Playing with the occult is like sticking your hand in a box full of cobras.Where do you want to be? On Gods’ blessing side or His cursing side.We as christians have the precious and all knowing Holy Spirit inside of us ,who is also called the Spirit of Truth on the inside of us and why should we consult the devil and his devices to find out something about us?Why should we consult the stars when we know the One who made the stars?

  4. Yes it does. I used to be into astrology hard core, then I had to repent after I found out that it was wrong. If you look in the Bible, astrologers were thrown in the same mix as magicians, stargazers and socerers. (Isaiah 47:13, Dan 1:20, Dan 2:2, Dan 2:10, Dan 2:27, Dan 4:7, Dan 5:7, Dan 5:11, Dan 5:15), which is not a good thing. It’s a form of witchcraft. So, yes, you need to stay away from astology. The Bible has better promises than astrology does, I promise! Be blessed!

  5. Yes, it is wrong to consult astrology.
    Zec 10:2 House hold Gods give false advice, fortune tellers predict only lies, interpreters of dreams pronounce comfortless falsehoods. So my people are wandering like lost sheep, with out a sheppard to protect and guide them.
    Deu 18:14 The people you are about to displace consult with sorcerers and fortune tellers, but the Lord your God forbids you to do such things.

  6. It is ok to satisfy your curiosity and for as long as whatever you find out about your astrological sign doesn’t conflict with what God wants you to do for Him. What is dangerous and debilitating about this is when you become so obsessed with following what astrology advised you to do to the point that you could not do anthing on your own accord. A good example is not allowing yourself to go out on certain dates of the months because your astrology tells you not to.
    Let astrology be a confirming factor of your belief in God as the star of Bethlehem confirmed the birthplace of Jesus. Let God lead your way to the truth, and just make the stars as your checkpoints. Until the time that you will no longer need the stars to lead you, but only God and Him alone who walks with you every minute of your blessed day.

  7. In my very personal opinion there is no person on the planet who knows what God’s opinions are. Even the bible itself was written by man. I’d suggest you explore astrology as it pleases you and ask God to guide you through it.
    As it stands, astrology goes against most Christian teaching. But that does not mean it goes against God. There are many mentions of astrology in the bible, actually.
    “There shall be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars.” – Jesus Christ, Luke 21:25 If you Google “Astrology and the bible” you will find a lot of links to pages where people express the opinion that astrology does not go against the teachings of the bible at all.
    When it really comes down to it, however, the bible was written by men (mostly). Those men wrote their interpretation of God’s word. At some point, you have to do your own interpreting of what truths God reveals to you in your life, your heart, and your stars.

  8. People will tell you so but really it doesn’t. In fact, in a church in England they have depictions of astrological symbols on their window panes.
    I was raised Roman Catholic and I’m VERY knowledgable about astrology (both western and chinese/eastern). Even though I’m not into the Bible, people like to point out verses so they can use it against things they don’t agree with (a.k.a classic fundie-literalist syndrome, they do the same thing to homosexuals and other religions).
    I think astrology is okay, in fact I feel a lot of it is true personally (not the newspaper stuff but when you go in-depth you see the reality of it), obviously God made it. = ) Read what you like.
    Edit: The answerer below me (Gidget) has a good answer. Just because its not okay in the Bible doesn’t mean its not against God. The same people who hate and preach intolerance towards homosexuals and same-sex relationships go by an opinion in the Bible, but no one knows if that’s what’s God’s opinion. God didn’t write the Bible, man did. And for those who say God inspired the Bible, just remember God supposedly inspired doomsday cults as well. So be careful about God being a buzzword to Christians……they aren’t exactly the tolerant type, they’ll use the book to justify anything and use it against anything they don’t agree with or like. Sorry to rant but its the truth.

  9. there are many stories about astrology in the Bible. The Three Kings or called Magi in the Gospel of Matthew were astrology. This type of astrology were a prophet of God and know how to tell the future. The astrology that we have right now were all false prophet or they do this type of career to make money out of it. Why do not prophesy their numbers for lottery if they really know the future? Do not get fool of this kind of people and the palm readers they please Satan not Jehovah God.

  10. Astrology is a
    ?type of divination that consists in forecasting earthly and human events by means
    of observing and interpreting the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets.?
    ( a quote from The Encyclopedia Britannica)
    God specifically warned his people:
    ?There should not be found in you …
    anyone who employs divination …
    or anyone who looks for omens,?…
    ?Everybody doing these things is something detestable to Jehovah.?
    –Deuteronomy 18:10, 12.
    “Subject yourselves, therefore, to God;
    but oppose the Devil, and he will flee from you.
    Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you.
    Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you indecisive ones.
    Humble yourselves in the eyes of Jehovah, and he will exalt you.”
    –James 4:7,8,10

  11. Yes, it does. The horoscopes is the occult. Back in the day when I was not a Christian, I did have a book that I thought was very helpful in the matters of signs. That gave me an edge over people I knew or was going to meet. It was almost an obsession. I one day went through my house. Bagged up all the occult stuff and gifts I had received from a worldly traveling friend over the years, and threw them all away. Really cool stuff but had a lot of unwanted baggage. Things have been better.

  12. “Modern Astrology” is not in accordance with the bible. however, ancient astrology was used to predict a few of the things of “biblical history”. Remember that Isaya (spelling?) predicted the the birth of Christ 700 years before the event. His prediction scared King Herod into killing thousands of babies.

  13. i dont think there is any problem with astrology. I don recall ever reading though shall not astrology. As long as you dont trust astrology over the word of God I dont think you should worry

  14. it is Biblically wrong. The Bible clearly says to stay away from divinations, witchcraft, and fortune tellers. To do so is a compromise of living a holy life. The devil puts his toe in that crack in the door compromise and look out!

  15. If you are talking about horoscopes and those people who read your sign to tell you what will happen to you. This is what God says about that.
    Micah 5:12And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers:

  16. well… i used to be a christian and it does say that we are not supposed to worship other gods but your not worshiping or becomeing that religion so i think your good.
    but just for some info.. the whole entire bible is written around astrology. all the people in the bible and al the events and everything is actaully astrology just told as a story
    - (it starts at about 12 minutes in and explians my theory that the bible is based of of astrology) its good you should watch it :}

  17. Astrology is a form of Divination, which is forbidden by most Christian denominations. I’ve heard a number of explanations as to why, many of them mutually contradictory.

  18. thou shalt have no other gods before me
    — the Bible talks a lot about not worshipping false idols.
    So basically don’t put astrology first or become dependent upon it. Occaisionally I’ll read a horoscope, but I don’t ever take it seriously. it’s just like reading a fortune cookie, if it comes true, cool, if not whatever, it’s still fun to read.

  19. not really
    i guess not if your no living your life by what your horoscope tells you
    the beginning of astrology..i think..was invented by a the unverse on history channel..beyond the big bang, and constillations…if your really inrested on getting to know know more i really rocomend these 2 episodes

  20. I have simple explanation about this:
    Astrology = science
    Bible’s Teaching = Spiritual
    in other words science sometime can mix with biblical.

  21. if you just use astrology as a guide and do not use it as an Idol or a false godlike theory you should be okay. Don’t astrology to seriously though because a lot of people rely on it to much and make mistakes. You should check what it says if you want and make sure it coincides with your judgment before you act. Thats serious astrology though. For fun you are A-ok.

  22. Most Christians consider Astrology as part of the occult/witchcraft, which is definitely against the Bible.
    So, I’d just stay away from it; it’d probably be better.
    Hope that helps!

  23. The Bible condemns its use. But it sounds to me like you are just eating meat sacrificed to idols. I personally would not go there for the sake of not causing others to stumble. Rather, get in to astronomy and leave the future in God’s capable hands.

  24. I think its frowned upon but you wont go to hell for it lol. If something interests you you should look into it within reason of course haha.

  25. I find a lot of truth in the stars. I don’t see them as opposing.
    It appears that most of these answers are comparing astrology to fortune telling. If that’s the context you intended when you said astrology I would agree with them that the two don’t mix. If you mean actual astrology, like your signs and such, I never thought they conflicted at all.

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