Home Discussion Forum Does astral projection really exist?

Does astral projection really exist?

I am not asking if it exists as an objective phenomenon but as a subjective experience.


  1. I believe that I have experienced it but as you say it is subjective and without the analytical proof that most people require, I can only say that I believe it exists.

  2. People spend years of their life devoted to it and insist that it is real.
    It could be, we just don’t know.
    If they are having an “unreal” experience, the best explanation for it is Lucid REM dreaming, where the person can “interact” with their dream instead of just going with it.

  3. Do you mean the ‘exploring the physical world in spirit form’ or the ‘exploring the spiritual/metaphysical world in spirit form’ version? I’ve accomplished the first, but I can’t vouch for the second.

  4. I think that it is possible..
    The apostle John left his body and was shown the future by Christ.
    I believe that your soul can leave the body with the help of demon spirits, but it is very tiring to be out of your body.


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