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Does Astral Projection have any negative effects?

For those who do not know what Astral Project is or would like to know more read below, otherwise simply skip to the question.
Astral Projection is when we have an out of body experience and it’s usually done while sleeping. The theory is that we are spirits that can free ourselves of our body and return to it along with transferring memories to our physical mind from the spiritual world.
It’s not easy for many of us and we are not taught this in school, they don’t really even teach us much about dreaming which is basically a less vivid version of Astral Projection.
To do this you ideally need to learn to sleep on your back or at least try to once per night. This helps us maintain a certain level of consciousness as you fall asleep.
Secondly get into the habit of writing down dreams or any memories you can recall from sleep. This helps develop a form of memory which is otherwise very weak in most people, we often forget dreams within moments of waking up. This form of Dream/Astral Memory can improve massively with practise.
Thirdly when you start to have dreams where you realise your dreaming – try to maintain awareness at all costs and don’t get distracted or too excited otherwise you’ll lose lucidity or simply wake up.
Once your free of all emotional constraints and know you are in control, you can become even more aware and do God like things. Flight, time control and creation are a few things that are able to be done.
The difference between a Dream and and Astral Projection is the level of reality. Full Astral Project seems more real than the physical where as dreams are far less realistic than the physical.
The question is…are there any bad things about doing this at all?
Some people get addicted to sleep but i can only sleep when tired anyway – is there anything else at all that i or we should be concerned about while doing this?
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  1. You mean other than being a clear sign you are insane?
    No….not really. You can sit in your room and imagine anything you want.

  2. For discussion’s sake, lets suspend the argument about whether or not this is possible.
    From what I have read, no, there are no dangers, but like meditation could actually be healthy in the long run.

  3. Astral projection does not have to happen while you’re asleep. It can also be attained through deep controlled meditation. As well, with true astral projection, you can visit places you’ve never been by traveling along the cord created thru the astral project process. It is a true “out of body” experience. I have known people who have done this and who have described perfectly and in detail the places that they visited thru astral project but had never been to in their waking life.
    One concern is if the cord is somehow broken prior to returning to your body, you can be “lost” and not able to return to your body at all.

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  5. not that i know of yet really 😀 i have projected 6 times….and i have even said “demon” up there once…nothing happened (although i did throw in a quite a few white lights afterward >.>) but anyways…i think the scariest thing would be just wondering what you are gonna see next….some people say don’t project if you are depressed because that can lead you to make thoughtforms that aren’t so pleasant up there….or other stuff like that.
    I’m always excited to project 😀 the only bad thing is doing is making me anxious during the day to do it again!!! T_T….. maybe if i could manage to get out of my house and throw some flame swords around while back flippping off city walls i’d be satisfied but i don’t see that in the near future, seeing as how i can’t stay out for more than 2 minutes!!! T_T (btw…i do think its possible to actually make flameswords and stuff through thoughtforms…haven’t tried it yet though)
    i’m sure there are some things to be careful of up there that i just haven’t come across yet…and hope not too….but maybe if i start working on the flameswords i’ll be ready to kick bad spirit butt! likely story though T_T
    mmmmm can’t say for sure if there really is something you definately should not mess with up there…..just be cautious…..unlike how i’m gonna be with the flamesword…… (i think i overdid the flameswords too much actually V_V)
    but i’m sure you’ll be fine 😀

  6. I projected 2 nights agoo for my first time but only was able to move my non-pysical arm and nothink els ,how can I be able too walk freely of my whole non-pysical body ??? Plz help

  7. I have traveled to many places in my sleep, and I don’t really know what to make of it. All these places/towns are beautiful, with lots of vivid color. I know every person I see. Their name, background, who their kids are, etc. I feel very loved and wake up refreshed. But I’ve never seen these people here on earth, or the towns I visit. I cannot remember names, just their smiling faces. This has only happened to me 4 times in 15 years, but I’m so curious…is my mind just making up all these places and people? Or did I do the Astral thing? These experiences never frighten me, and I look forward to them.


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