Does anyone want me to answer a question they have by me using tarot cards and my psychic ability?

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I have been practicing to make my abiltity stronger. If you would like a question answered, ask & give me your email address. Please, give me your first name, so I can focus on the question that’s being asked.
I know this is the wrong section, but a lot of ppl are in this section.

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yes, here is my question. Did you waste your money on tarot cards?

Don Diva

Will i ever find the right job for for me?


ok, cool! here it is… Will I marry my current boyfriend?

Deanna W

Is my current boyfriend the right one for me??


What will make my life worth living?
And is he the one I should be pursuing?


-ok- what is my favorite color? also what number am i thinking of?


will I also marry my current boyfriend? lol
hey plz dont give me some kinda virus k??


where am I going?


this is stupid

Kelly ♥

Will the guy I love ever ask me out?

poo bums

now i am of age do i have a chance with the man i like?

Jade R

is my current bf rite for me n how long do u think we will b togetha?


My Name is > ^^ HassaN ^^
i would like to ask you …
* Tell me my future wife name ???


has anything freaky happened to you while playing with tarot cards?

some people say they are evil. has anything strange happened to anyone while or after playing with tarot cards?

this psychic/medium fancies me,i like him too,but i'm unsure whether to date him ,because of his job?

i am a christian and believe in God,i have fallen for this guy who happens to be a very well known medium/psychic who...

Am I a possible reincarnation of a fast food worker that lived with his parents until he was 40?

Well it has been since childhood that i would dream about myself in a cooking fries and everyone would call me their cook.. it felt...

are yoga mats necessary for learning yoga ? I'm a beginner & need to know. I have thick carpet,will that help?

I am thinking of learning yoga, for chakra opening. Can opening and cleansing the chakras be done without yoga? I don't want to run...

How to start practicing magick?

like what should be my first steps to be a wiccan? I also prefer white or gray magick. o, and please, don't try to tell...

Is chakra real, and what are your views on its state of existence?

This is a question directed at generating opinion-based answers, but facts as well. If you know of a study or research that disproves...
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