Home Discussion Forum Does anyone understand the concept of the character Chi Chi in DBZ?

Does anyone understand the concept of the character Chi Chi in DBZ?

Alright, so I get that she’s a nagging neat freak, but explain to me exactly her use as a character: she tries to hold Gohan back from ever being able to do what he wants to or make choices, she thinks she has the right to control and boss around anyone and everyone she meets and she’s such a xenophobe that she even freaks out about gohan and Goku being Seiyans and tries to repress their identities to herself and others all the time. so where does my question come in? What the heck was Akira toriyama thinking when he made the character interactions between Chi Chi and the others? Jesus, she’s only a human. All any of the Z fighters had to do if they wanted to get her to pay attention was light up an energy blast and threaten her, and even Gohan should have gotten fed up with her crap and tried this himself? does anyone thinks its logical or realistic that he would ever listen to his mother when he could easily tell her to F*** off while aiming a Masenko in her general vicinity? Would a child in the real world with super powers ever put up with any of this? I know for a fact that if anyone in the real world had a mother like her, and they had super powers, the moment she started trying to oppress them and make them do as she said unquestioningly, they’d charge up their powers, toss about a lot of choice words and insubordinate phrases and then storm off, letting fear do the work for them. What gives? if someone could help me understand all of this, I might just be able to continue to enjoy my show without always questioning the logic behind all of it…
on a side note: if someone could please explain to me why Hercule was ever allowed to survive after the birth of his daughter, that’d be great, because Hercule’s necessity played itself out the day she was born. I can’t stand that arrogant bastard…and why in the Gods’ names would the Z fighters allow him to play a farce in order to keep themselves hidden? its not like they could be assassinated by any mortal and in reality, any good super hero, morals and all, still would have broken their code just to shut him up forever. anyways…whoops…that was a long aside. more info is always better guys! sorry for any spoilers…*sheepish grin*


  1. Chi Chi is a spoiled brat on Dragonball which cares on with her into Dragonball Z but she believe’s everything should be normal and her way so she represses everything plus if there wasn’t Chi Chi there wouldn’t be Gohan, or Goten thus cutting the whole show down to 1 season

  2. They dont want to piss of Chi chi any more then they alradys do since they need to eat and shes the one that provides the cooking of the food.
    that and when i was young the concept of having respect for your mother/wife was common place.
    plus its anime so everything is hyped up some. that and gohan flew out the window tons of times to get away from Chi Chi. and other then to eat goku was almost never at home he was always off training.

  3. Chichi is the tipicall over protective, and control freak mom/wife in japan
    Gohan doesnt blast her off, because he is actually a mama s boy (little less after Piccolo traind him but still)
    and he gets the logic behind what she says
    though he has yelled at her (after goku died for the firs time) and ran off a few times
    Chichi just wants a normal life like everyone else
    I think in time she just got used to her normal life not being so normal
    and that is why she is not so much of a control freak with Goten.
    As for the rest of the Gang not blowing her up
    well, Chichis father is the one that brings in the money for the Son Familly
    and Chichi is the one who cooks for the Son familly
    and Father and Sons are OK with it
    now would you want to confront a hungry and probably disgruntled, to say the least
    Super Saiyajin Trio? I dont think so……. so probably thats one of the reasons
    All in all i think everyone just likes Chichi, she is one of their childhood friends anyway


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