Does anyone think Telepathy/Telekineses real?






If so, I would like a feel points on it. A friend of mine were examing (Enlightment) I would like some key concepts on that- or is it a cult one….LMFAO! Like Scientology


  1. Yes, SOME people do believe in it.
    However, none of the claims have ever been upheld under scientific [double-blind] scrutiny.
    Thus, it’s generally held to be pseudo-science, or basically junk. But I think it’s csicop that has an outstanding reward for anyone who can bring a claim that can be scientifically investigated AND substatiated in a double-blind experiment. So far, nobody’s managed to bring anything substantive…

  2. its not fake, everyone is able 2 a degree is just depends on how much of a degree and differs from person 2 person. personally i have said things and they have happened, once i thought ok coincidence but eveytime u say u wish something bad and it happens?? there is more then coincidence there so i no longer wish bad things out loud, its the same with my mother and as it was with my grandfather and great grandfather(indian medicine man) so who knows. i think its real but it who knows?

  3. Yes, sadly some people believe in these things. It’s pretty easy to demonstrate that they don’t happen, but some people are less than bright. A lack of understanding of statistics helps.

  4. well…there was one time i was smoking a cigarette, i know what you’re thinking, cigarettes are bad, but i am a bad person and bad people do bad things, anyways when i was finished with the cigarette i threw it on the deck so it would fall down through the crack, to my surprise it didnt fall through the crack and there i was stuck in a labyrinth of amazement and awe…i was to lazy to get up and slide it into the crack of the deck with my foot…so what did i do you ask?? i used my telekinetic powers to slide the cigarette from the grainy wood platform right into the crack…to this day my buddy says that it was that strong gust of wind that blew the cigarette down there, but i do not believe in irony and i know for a fact that due to my laziness and strong sense of urgency to dispose of the cigarette, my telekinesis came through and made me a firm believer…..true story

  5. Well it is true – several experiments have proven so. It exists specially among Twins. But apart from that some people do have the gift of telepathy from birth or it can come latterly.
    What happens is that, the energy sources is our body communicates with the energy sources in the external environment all the time. People who are gifted with or have mastered the art of interpreting it gets the ability of being telepathic. But all of us have it – it’s just that we do not know to convert the message in to our understanding.

  6. Consider the following, if all humans were born blind and you and I are the only ones with vision. We can do tricks that will impress all blind humans. Specifically, the blind depends on audio and we can use light which is invisible to the blind.
    Point of the matter here is that if Telephathy exists, there must be a medium for it. As we know bat uses ultrasonic waves, dogs have excellent sense of smell, some 500 – 1000X that of human, some animals have infrared vision, and so on.
    So if Telepathy is using some kind of bainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta but the reception is so poor because we had never learn to harnass it and only beginning explore it, perhaps we can read something about the person who is sending those waves. However, Telepathy is still an area that is not scientifically proven today.

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