Does anyone think Karin will start to fall for Naruto?

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I know its sounds odd, but the latest manga had her admiring his chakra so…..?

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No, they’re too fictional characters. They don’t really exist.


Hard to say, but the girls in movies and fillers seem to always sorta fall for Naruto. And fillers are usually not bad foreshadows of whats to come. But then again Naruto Sakura Hinata… If it gets any more complicated the author won’t have enough time to develop the plot!


Nah, she won’t fall for him. But, I think her little crush on Sasuke is over. (Maybe she’ll fall for Kakashi, after all, he was carrying her on his back XD.)


Yes she did admire how bright and warm naruto’s chakra was, but i think she was just fascinated thats all.. but if u remember the previous manga where is was shown that sasuke saved her life during the chunin exam it can be assumed that even though her attraction towards sasuke looks shallow it might just be dedicated as well. Besides she didnt even know naruto till now so i have to say no to this question.
Anyway its my opinion, the writer might think other wise 🙂


Well she might fall for Naruto after what Sasuke did to her . And she was also seen praising Naruto’s chakra . And Naruto always change people with his talk . So there is a chance.

Paul R

no i don’t think so. as some pointed out she was more interested in his chakra but was also scared of his chakra you know the fox spirit inside of him. Karin will most likely play a new role of providing some dirt about Akatsuki to help defeat Madara and Sasuke.
to be honest i would like to see NaruHina which has more chances of occuring there is a possible chance of that occuring in the next few chapters hopefully

Wise Grasshoppper

I don’t Think so, it is too early to tell. Although i think her feelings will develop into admiration for him, How he is so determined and passionate about sasuke (in a TOTAL brotherly way).
She may also discover that he is a host of the nine tailed fox and admire him more, how he can be soo bright and cheery, whilst being the host of a tailed beast. Perhaps later in the manga she may develop a little crush on him, but not in a crazed fan girl way, more like a blush and shy smile her and there, as well perhaps standing up for him when sakura goes all physco. Oh how i loathe Sakura and her pyshco attitude towards naruto.

Hakeem S



Maybe just have her lusting over Naruto’s chakra would be a good idea hahahahahaha


Actually (and this is just my opinion) As people have said it’s unlikely but i’m routing for it. I’d like to see her develop some feelings toward him and possibly have some conflicts with Hinata and (god forbid) Sakura about it. We know that Naruto likes girls with red Hair (Admitied to it after speaking to his mother Kushina) and we know that Karin has a facination with his Chakra, so possibly after this great Ninja war she ay be allowed to wander around Konoha for a bit and they may bump into each other. I’m a huge KariNaru fan now for some reason…. :s


I don’t really think so because she just admired how narutos chakra was really bright and warm and how sasukes chakra is dark and cold but maybe after a while karin would probably blush a little bit


Probably, when karin was stabbed by sasuke, she was infuriated with him because he betrayed her, she also noted that naruto’s chakra was warm and bright, and when she was interrogated, she thought of naruto’s chakra to be warm and bright, while she smiled, she was somehow attracted to men dependent on the feel of their chakra, karin loves and is attracted to bright and warm chakra, so i think that karin will start falling inlove with naruto because of how she feels when she’s with her because of his warm and bright chakra


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