Home Discussion Forum Does anyone remember their Past lives?

Does anyone remember their Past lives?

have you done past life regressions? have you remembered any of your past lives?
Tell me what you have remebered? Have you learnt anything from those memories and has it helped you in this life?


  1. when i was a baby …like 3 months old which is like before thought is probably processed i said a sentence which was help me help me oh please
    my parents think that i remembered that sentence from my past life
    im not sure maybe im just a genus!!

  2. I believe your here to work things out from your past lives.
    When I met my friend Amy at 15 I knew we were going to be best friends but as we hung out she was kind of mean so I told her that I’m not going to want to be around her if she continues to act like that toward me, well she changed for the better she has a very goofy humor now and I love to be around her. Were 32 years old now and I know we were brought together to better each other she will be my maid of honor at my wedding in June.

  3. I was a potato and someone took me from the land, cut me up and put me in a deep fryer. Next thing I knew, I was on someones plate next to a hamburger.

  4. i dont remember it myself but a friend of mine who ive recently met tells me that he remembers me from several of his past lives, and that hes painted me perfectly before weve even met

  5. Yes, through past life regression meditation. I have lived on earth seven times before that I know of, always as a man. I have died by fire, gunshot and drowning.
    I’ve learned the reasons for why I have certain fears in this life and how to deal with them. I have learned the many lessons through being a woman this time, that I could not learn as a man.
    It has definitely helped me for the better. I’ve learned to become a deeply responsible person during this lifetime.
    Not everyone was someone famous in a past life, but everyone can learn from the past mistakes.

  6. Remembering past lives? This is quite amazing but none can give a hint or detail. Gates across dimensions are sealed by time. One can only reflect on the past if much indulged through reading or some experiences were revealed. Deeply contemplating unto a scene or activity can send the mind into a conviction of anything perceived. Meditating does a more critical effect especially putting oneself into that life. Dreams, intuitive or perceptive are sometimes factors that lead a being to think “a notion to be reality” and be carried away by that assumption. They aren’t real, just perceived.


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