Home Discussion Forum Does anyone realize that upon researching and natural spiritual?

Does anyone realize that upon researching and natural spiritual?

perception… Wiccan tradition is not of “darkness” but rather a nature based faith, chakra healing, herbology and actually has little to nothing to do with magic other than self-healing????
Would that “Harm none” include those terrorist “sleeper” cells that plan on causing harm either physically or spiritually… as where does protection of the innocent contradict harm none???
These answers are so appropriate, I can not choose just one as I appreciate these comments.


  1. Those of us who follow the pagan path have known this for years, my dear. I am not Wiccan (although I once was), but I do spell casting and I am now a Celtic Pagan. There is nothing ‘dark’ about Wicca or witch craft or spell casting inherently. In fact most Wiccans won’t do dark magic as they believe in the Law of Three and the “Harm None” part of the Wiccan Rede.

  2. The Rede is “an it harm done, do as you will.”
    It tells us to DO things that harm none freely. The rest of the actions in the universe are covered by the rest of Wiccan ethics….
    No one “harms none.”
    When you breathe you cause harm.


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