Does anyone practice Shamanism these days?

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I first heard about it on Xena Warrior Princess.
I’m not a Shamanist but I’m interested in learning what the religion is about. That’s why I asked.

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Yes, some do.
It angers me a little that I don’t get the credit, but all good paths lead to the correct ending


Lots of shamans exist from all walks of life.


Not me. But yeah,of course. Contact the Native American Church.

Miley M

I dont 🙂 i have no idea what it is but maybe if you start a goup in your town more people would realize its fun and know what it is


yes sure, shamanic practices are bery alive, they are kept by different peoples all around the world. From Native Americans, to Lao, to Siberia. Shamanic practices such as ingestion of psychotropic mushrooms and cactuses are practiced in Mexico and Siberia. Of course, shamanism is much more then that. It involves belief in cleansing with the help of spirits, spirits-plants, lively dream inhabitance, many other things. Its a very reach tradition.


Sigh. No, dear. Just like Xena, Shamanism is fiction. It is white people pretending to be indigenous people for a profit.
The first thing you have to realize is that all native belief systems are different. Take American Indians, for example. There is no one specific spiritual belief. With almost 600 different tribes recognized in the US, almost all have different belief systems. The only people who want you to believe they are all the same are the people who want to rip you off.
If you want to follow an indigenous person’s spiritual belief, then follow them; but don’t trust some white guy to tell you how to do it.

Diane B

Hi Shamanism is still practiced. In fact, you can take courses through the Shaman Institute. You might want to look up as there are courses beginning soon. Also many Native American tribes still practice shamanism. I was fortunate enough to be a part of a healing service.


A lot of Twinkie sites do that shamanism….and try to put it with American Indian Spirituality….and we do not have Shaman….but as I said Twinkies are always saying they are some kinda shamen and trying to mix the practices of Indians with some newage crap….Yes unfortunately there are some who practice…..and who claim to be some “Great Shaman”
EasternBandCherokee/Oglala Lakota


Did U ever go on a trip to the RainForest? A lot o’ Natives living down there. Might learn a think or two. Who know?

TheBear V2.0 (System Down)

Yes, I still do. It is something handed down to me for generations and I am the present inheritance of my family art.
There is no particular ‘religion’ of Shamanism as it is not tied down to any particular religion. It is considered as ‘The Way’ for many people. The things you watch on TV are totally different from the reality of Shamanism.
Hope this helps, good luck…


First of all shamanism is not a real word and not a religion.
One can be a shaman or part of a shamanic culture which recognises there shamans.
If your serious about finding out what I feel is the best description,
Condensed Chaos
by Phil Hine
Pg 179 and his reference to the Iniatory Sickness


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