Home Discussion Forum Does anyone practice Kundalini Yoga?

Does anyone practice Kundalini Yoga?


  1. I practiced and taught Kundalini yoga(as taught by Yogi Bhajan) for about 10 years. I also became interested in more traditional esoteric meditative forms of kundalini yoga and looked into other, more traditional forms of hatha/kundalini yoga–specifically Bihar School Yoga and Buddhist type physical yoga–that have practices that, in my opinion, may have been borrowed and reinterpreted by Yogi Bhajan and his folks. I also studied kundalini phenomenology and had an article on Kundalini yoga published in the January 2001 issue of Yoga International magazine although some of my views had changed over the years. I have essays that address kundalini in my 360 blog.
    I found that Kundalini yoga (the Yoga Bhajan type) was a great way to strengthen the nervous and lymphatic system and help a bit with transformation of consciousness and psychological conditioning needed to experience more esoteric forms and processes related to kundalini phenomenology.


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