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Does anyone out there have telekinesis or telepathy?

This is for real, no sarcasm or trolly behavior. If you can do one of the following, or as not to expose yourself, have a “friend” or “relative” who can read minds or move objects mentally, how did you or they do it?


  1. i can trully can you i just want somethind to happen and it happens omg i have been searching for someone with the same ability

  2. Dude, your on yahoo answers, even if that stuff is possible, which it might, there are a lot of crazy things out there, don’t rely on a bunch of people like me who spend part of there day answering questions on yahooanswers.

  3. Yes, telekinesis and telepathy are two of several psychic abilities that I have. And, no, I’m not terribly afraid of being a “psychic flasher”, that is, exposing my abilities. You see, I discovered the first of my abilities (oddly enough, telekinesis) when I was only 11 years old. During junior high and high school, I had many friends who knew of and experienced the things I could do. Some even helped me to develop my abilities to a higher level of dependability and accuracy. Now, I’d say about 80% of my abilities have been used in fictional literature, comics, movies, etc., so when I talk about an ability, people generally think I’m just a “nut job” and don’t pay any attention. It’s the perfect cover. I can be totally honest about what I can do, and only the people that actually know me and have seen me “do things” will have reason to believe it. Seriously, I have been divorced twice, in part because my exes knew about my abilities, saw me use them to help both us and others, but feared me because they “didn’t trust me” when it came down to not using an ability against them. Kind-of like the movie “Forbidden Planet” where the guy’s subconscious mind made monsters, they were worried what I might do to them in retaliation to something that they probably shouldn’t have done to me.
    Telekinesis is probably the most dangerous psychic ability for that reason. If Freud was right, and the source of anyone’s abilities lies within the “id”, then a telekinetic would have to keep a tight grip on “id” areas like satisfaction and revenge. I am at my telekinetic best when threatened. When faced with the “fight or flight” urge, I do not flee, others do. My abilities go on “autopilot” as part of my defense mechanism.
    If you check my profile, you can read my answers to other psychic ability questions, and then judge whether or not you want to get that information from me by email. I don’t feel it would be wise to discuss the detailed answers to your question in open forum where anyone can see. If for some reason you can’t get to my answers, maybe you could be a contact or something so you can read them, or just email me and tell me that you can’t get to them. I’ll try to answer your questions as good as I can. I have read the other responses to your question, and because of their content am hoping that whether or not you choose to contact me, you will consider this response worthy of a best answer. Good luck, regardless.

  4. I’d be surprised if anyone who claims or believes that they have such powers would be able to provide an explanation as to how they do it. Bad Dog certainly didn’t, they all tend to avoid that question. That’s because no plausible, testable or falsifiable explanation exists, and neither does one scrap of compelling evidence.
    No one has ever been able to demonstrate these powers under proper controlled testing. I think the world would be a vastly different place if these powers were actually real. For example, casinos would hardly be profitable, would they?

  5. Many people claim to have telekinesis and their reasons behind it range from misinterpretation of coincidence (a gust of wind blowing a door closed, a scrap of paper across a table, etc, all at the time the person “willed” it to move…), or an outright trick misrepresented as a genuine power.
    Watch this video of a man claiming (and demonstrating) his telekinetic ability, only to be foiled by styrofoam…
    The truth is that no psychic power has ever been verified by scientific testing, wherein variables are eliminated in order to determine the true cause of an effect. When it comes to “Psi Power” there is simply no proof, only big claims with no evidence. Heck, Bad Dog took 3 paragraphs claiming he had them, but never talked about what he could do!

  6. How do you recall your dreams? How do you learn information? How does the brain work? These are questions (about abilities) that most people even having the ability and the experiences can’t answer because they have never studied any of the science behind them.
    A world class Tennis player can’t describe for you for the movements of the muscles, the activity in the brain, or the physics of any of his or her particular matches. However, that is not sufficient to doubt that they can play Tennis or even that something called Tennis exist.
    If you really want to know how it works it will require some reading of material by people trained in science that have attempted to answer these questions.
    I would start with the list I provided below.

  7. Hi!
    My nickname is Geo. And ut was yesertday I needed and scitntist, or a profound doctor to come and rebel, openly. And I would have helped him do it. He should have rebelled against wonders, i.e. telepaths and or telekentics, being used By the lawenforcement people.
    I am also the “Gale wire”, the wire, a compnent inside the head was killed, ruined, by a man named Columbo, one on the west coast chopped the face of it, into pieces and sold it off to people in the state of Calfornia, the other stole it again, he in the east. Specifically state of New York and made $250,000.00. By doing the same, chopping it up and this time the one who purchased it was billiionare Donald Trump. That’s right Donald (Apprentice) Trump and I had no one to stop that arse, nor stop the Columbo! And I have to put up with lame excuses from the latter as to why I could not have it back. I simply said Bill Columbo owes you 250,000.00. He Trump, purchased a boby part of another person. Isn’t there a law against that? Oh, and Bill Columbo never gave me a cent he earned on selling my anatomy.
    Now the part I used to do many telekenetics for many well known artist’s songs. And peope in the know, know what I am saying.
    The witch that took that is named Gail Gardner, and she chopped it up into 4 pieces, using” mental transference”. That is a process by where the person actually using an inanimate object, say a piece of cloth and takes a pair of sizzors, cuts the fabric into four pieces and applies the result to me “Geo’s” tissue, she stole or had stolen. I have heard that even Jay Leno has had that idiot on his show, calling herself “Dreamcather” She is not never was. That was a nickname that I called myself as far back as 1996, and I was and am still Geo too.
    Gale French
    “Geo” not to be mistaken with the one that thinkss she is me and will think the words “you mean I have to meorize that too” Any time she finds out of a credential of mine. Call it “crisis Idetity”. And the government made sure she got what she wanted. Of course what would they do, when it comes to me geo, knowing that Kennedy was killed by the people he worked with. That is to make sure that a different person, and Bill Columbo and Trump get away.

  8. are you one of us i only know one person like me who can levitate items with there mind im not kiding i am 12 years old i am not very good at it though if you are pease email me on how to improve my ability to its max potential here is my e mail cain.schweitzer@yahoo.com


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