Home Discussion Forum does anyone knows how to do black magic? please teellll me?

does anyone knows how to do black magic? please teellll me?

i want to go back to india so i need some black magic help.


  1. stick your left index finger in your mouth, the right one up your butt
    spin clockwise three times as fast as you can with your eyes closed
    then remove your fingers and say what you desire as loud as you can
    then reverse your fingers, spin counter-clockwise, then repeat your wish
    continue this ceremony until you get what you want
    guaranteed to work

  2. Do you really have to get into Satanism in order to travel to India?
    Seems a little strange to me!!
    Sorry – I am more into white magic, and not particularly knowledgeable about that……… all I know about black magic is that before you start to practise it you must learn and understand the laws of the Universe; What goes around comes around! If you send evil out it will eventually come knocking on your door. Play with fire and you will get burnt.
    Why not enter “black magic” in your search engine – you will get loads of websites.. Or better still look up trips to India instead!!


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