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Does anyone know why my question "Do you Hug Trees?" was removed? Well anyway, Do you hug trees?

and does it have any religious or spiritual significance for you?
Strangely enough, I first read about the spiritual practice when I was a Buddhist, in the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh.


  1. Yep, though not as much as when I was a kid. It’s harder to climb them now, too. 🙁
    There’s nothing quite as nurturing as getting a little bit of nature back.

  2. I have no idea why it would be deleted, I dont as a general rule hug trees, and I’ve never heard of it being related to spiritual significance, however, I under stand there may be something to that effect in druidism.

  3. I have no idea why your question was removed, except to say that this forum (R&S) is over-flowing with report Nazis who despise anything that isn’t their “truth”…
    That said, No, I don’t hug trees, nor have I ever been remotely attracted to one….well, there was this one…..

  4. Who could possibly be offended by this question????
    I don’t, as a habit – but I have in the past. And to tell you the truth, there’s something very calming about it. I don’t know what it is, but I just feel protected when hugging a tree. Go figure.

  5. oh yes I do.
    Trees love to be hugged too, and it gives you so much energy. I prefer oaks, birk and beech trees. Maybe people will laugh, but I even have a tree friend. I think he recognises me when I come to hug him.

  6. If yo have never been to a rainforest – you probably think this is not a spiritual question. If you have and you still don’t – I think you are a bit dead inside.
    Religion means “link to the past” and a primordial rainforest (like the last remaining North American one – the Olympic Rainforest in Washington) definitely will put you in touch with a prehistoric past that will resonate in your very dna.
    I don’t literally “hug” trees. But I do enjoy the 02 they provide.

  7. I don’t literally hug trees, well once I did when one tree stopped another from hitting my house during a storm. MMMMMM I loved that tree. But it was a “one night stand” and we’ve gone our separate ways. He has many children now and is happy. I talk to him often, we reminisce about the past.
    Spiritually speaking, they are the sustainers of our life to a large degree providing us with the oxygen we need to breath and a living breathing energy themselves that I honor and respect.

  8. I used to hug and kiss the baby tree out front of my house every morning before going to school when I was between the ages of 13-16. It may have been strange, but the tree grew up to be a lovely tree.
    I haven’t hugged a tree in awhile. Maybe I should.

  9. Hug them, no. This has a lot to do with the “macho” Christian anti-homosexual culture which had flourished in this country until recently.
    The trees don’t feel comfortable being hugged by a man.
    So we wave, and say hi, instead.
    I like my relationship with the trees, and would say that in spite of it being a little distant, and stand-offish, it does have a spiritual significance.
    At least now they talk about not feeling comfortable with hugging, in the past, getting them to talk at all about their feelings would’ve been a challenge.
    We’re making headway, but it’s a slow process.
    I don’t blame the hateful Religious doctrine that has brought us this impasse, I see it simply as an example of the crippling effect of ignorance.

  10. wondering too
    i try but its kinda embarrassing when i hug trees and people just stare at me so i try not to do it when people are around
    yea , it makes me feel close to nature , can’t hug anyone? hug a tree!!
    who says there is no love? trees are there for you to hug!

  11. No but I do sniff pine trees to determine what flavor milkshake they smell like: chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. I’m serious – at least in the forest they do. So next time your up in a forest smell the pine trees – the trunks..
    My wife taught me that one.

  12. Yes! I do hug trees! And I’m sorry that the Q was removed before. I do have “relationships” with certain trees that seem to me to have an energy or consciousness. There was a tree –an old beech or maple, I can’t remember, that I felt very solaced leaning against by a stream in a park in Fairfield, Connecticut. There is also a pine tree on the grounds of a retreat center in Stone Ridge New York that started out as a cutting taken from a tree that Swami Vivekananda used to meditate under. The original tree, which was from Vermont, does not exist anymore. Finally, there is a very old pine tree growing in a high point in a park in Stamford, CT, which has a remarkably wise, benevolent ,and ancient presence to me. I sometimes do magickal meditations near it. I otherwise don’t ascribe to mysticism about trees or nature spirits, etc. I just “feel” something about one or another tree now and then and just let it be what it is.

  13. not as often as i should. it’s a wonderful way to connect of my god in a purely physical manner, and since he’s the lord of the forests, it’s extremely spiritual.

  14. Tahuti, I not only hug trees, I hug rocks, herbs, wild animals, anything that will let me put my arms around it. I even hug the Earth herself. Try it, just lay down, face down on the ground and give the planet a huge hug. You can FEEL the loving response in return from the very core of the planet as the Earth hugs you back.
    The natural world LOVES to be hugged and shown affection. Nature is our mother, Father, Grandmother and Grandfather. She is our best friend and our most attentive lover. She will return your love MANY times over and over and calm, refresh and invorate you with boundless energies and peacefulness, more than you can even take in and will do so, unselfishly.
    To hug ANYTHING of the natural world is the single most Spiritual thing one can do physically for oneself and the rewards are endless. I know of very few Witches who have NEVER hugged something of the Natural world and not a single one has EVER reported anything negative from the experience.
    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch

  15. I don’t hug trees but I like to sit amongst their roots or in low comfy branches and watch the world go by, sometimes I talk to them and sometimes they talk back.
    We have a special old birch on our garden boundary that we give the contents of the sumbel bowl to the following morning and did give her a whole horn of ale after she gave us a branch for the Yule Log.
    Old trees are very wise and often grumpy things, young trees are friendly and playful. I really like trees, and almost everything that is made from them, got a thing for treen.

  16. No but my youngest twin does. It’s funny actually. My oldest daughters name is Gaelic for courage, my son’s is Scot Gaelic for “of Britain” and or valiant.
    Then my youngest twin. Her name is Scot for “of the meadow”. ROTFL She is my flower child through and through. She’s almost three and every morning before getting in the car to take my oldest to school she runs through the front yard yelling “Tree! Tree!” then she throws her arm around it and says “Awwww, hug tree. Happy tree!” then gets in the car.
    She loves spiders and flies, and is obsessed with picking flowers. It’s hilarious.

  17. Yes I hug trees ,we need to worship them,when they are gone so are we.
    My views on your question being removed,some stupid report troll turned it in for their own kicks,I wish we could find them ,I’d like to give them a few kicks. I mean,how lame are they?

  18. No idea why it was removed. Probably some friends of emperor Bush, since they hate the environment.
    We have done a little tree-hugging when we were in Yosemite National Park on our honeymoon. Got some very interesting images from the Sequoias, though.

  19. Goodness knows why some questions get removed. I really wish Yahoo would deal with that problem.
    In answer to your question, yes I do hug trees. I feel real spiritual peace when I do so. Not sure why. I guess I think of all the years they’ve been on the planet, and they feel wonderful. I guess I just love them.

  20. I have, and it’s a very good feeling. I find I enjoy sleeping in the branches even more. It’s like being cradled in their limbs – and they ‘rock’ – literally and figuratively. They also move gently like a person breathing or swaying from foot to foot, when they are hugged. It is a marvelous feeling and reinforces the suddenly expanded awareness of the fact these are living things, the movement is imperceptible unless you hug them however.
    As for why they deleted the question…? I suspect it was just because some sad empty soul needs to go get a life or perhaps they are filled with the fear that someone is enjoying life and having fun and they are jealous. Don’t let it bother you, they are of no consequence – go ahead and repost we will wait until your question reappears.
    We are patient – like trees…


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