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Does anyone know whether it is safe to have crystal healing therapy in late pregnancy.?

I have seen a lovely lady twice now who has been practising for a while however several people have told me that it is not good for the baby. Can anyone shed any light on this?
Thanks very much.


  1. Well- here’s why people hate me-
    but given that ‘crystal healing’ does not actually DO anything, aside from align the chakras in the practitioner’s bank account, it is absolutely safe!

  2. Agree with the others — crystal “healing” is just a scam.
    The only thing that will possibly be harmed is your bank account.

  3. It shouldn’t hurt anyone. Crystals have Geo-magnetic energy which will help align the chakras. Most crystals are low vibration so if anything, it should help relax you which in turn will help relax baby. If it makes you feel good having the crystals on you, then by all means, do it. Just focus on the positive energy

  4. As long as she doesn’t drop a large crystal on your belly it shouldn’t be a problem. Might want to save your money for something more useful like diapers though.

  5. The therapy probably wouldn’t harm your baby but an underlying anxiety beleiving it could by its mother may do.
    If you have any concerns don’t do it.
    (And for what its worth save your money. This is just my opinion but i don’t think there is any value in Chrystal therapy other than the interaction between the therapist and the practitioner).


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