does anyone know where to get past life regression?

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in Pennsylvania or maryland! Please help!

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Cookie Monster

My brother does it in Califronia. My advice….dont waste your money.
Barbara…. my long lost twin!


There are no past lives. There is only THIS life. What would be the POINT of having past lives if we need ‘past life regression’ therapy to remember them?


At one time I thought this would be a very lucrative business because after all…….who can tell if what you say is correct.
Close your eyes and picture yourself looking down a flight of stairs and describe everything you can about those stairs. Stone. wood, banister, walls are stone, wood etc etc. Then visualize yourself walking down those stairs and picture how each footstep feels against whatever the steps are made of, what the temperture is, how you feel, excited, scared…This should take some time with you sitting absolutely still and concentrating….a very quiet place.
When you reach the bottom….finally….look around and you will see your past lives.


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