Does anyone know where to find feng shui books and tarot cards?





Ive looked everywhere and there is no sign of them?


  1. Hi ,
    You should be able to find quite a lot of books on Feng Shui and Tarot Cards as these topics have become very popular and generally among some of the interested hot discussions wherein people have started taking more interest.
    In the past Feng Shui has been associated with some mysterious force, but no longer now –
    26 Secrets of Feng Shui is the most clear and organized literature on the topic. It provides straightforward, easy-to-follow tips along with beautiful photographs and detailed diagrams to give you ideas on how to implement Feng Shui in your home. It provides small, simple steps you can take, as well as larger ones, making it easy to gradually add harmony to your home.
    You can print it up, sit back and read it, and start improving the harmony of your home!
    There is a book “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot” which can be served as a Basic Tarot books for beginners, newcomers and Tarot novices. These books are general references or provide a good start for learning Tarot.

  2. Really, you have looked everywhere? You should easily find both at any New Age Bookstore, at the larger local bookstores and online at

  3. no such thing as fengshui tarot cards. even if there are, people just made them up, because there are people who would want to buy them.
    when buying fengshui books, it is important to remember that there is no such thing as the bagua method or cleaning the clutter. again, people will just write anything you want to hear – a quick fix.
    good fengshui authors are:
    – lillian too (esp when she talks about the east-west method, formally known as the 8 mansions or ba zhai method)
    – joey yap (has just published many books on fengshui, he was the assistant of master yap cheng hai, who taught him everything he knows)
    – vince or vincent koh (his books are good, and a good way to start learning flying stars method)
    – raymond lo (especializes in destiny calculation, a branch of fengshui)
    – eva wong (has a book called a course in advanced fengshui, which is also about flying stars method)
    when buying any of these book, you need to remember that these books only teach you the basic use of the method, they do not include the advance uses or application of the same methods.
    for a complete version, you can try to attend a seminar held by a fengshui master like master peter leung. he have classes all over the world. just visit his website at
    i had taken some courses from him a very long time ago. his courses are not as expensive as other masters, and he gives a new way of understanding the same methods that others masters talk about, and another way of applying them.
    good luck.

  4. Your local Border’s or Barnes & Noble should have them. At mine they keep the tarot cards locked. Seers like to steal.
    Amazon is likely too. I’ve been to a place that prints these (my company sells playing cards) in mass production. Must be cool to buy psychic ability, everyone should do this. But there is no “magic inks” and the same paper is used to make cereal boxes.
    So if my Capt’n Crunch box is inverted, what does that mean?

  5. Try eBay. If there are no spiritual/metaphysical stores in your area, eBay would be the next best thing. You can find everything there. 🙂

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