HomeDiscussion ForumDoes anyone know where i can learn Egyptian Magick and Witchcraft?

Does anyone know where i can learn Egyptian Magick and Witchcraft?

i know there will be christians wasting their time preaching, and skeptics wasting their time (life) on this question, but are there any links to websites where i can learn egyptian white magick?
they will be VERY helpful!
i will not take offensive answers.
no, i am not wasting my life.
just leave me alone, and let serious people answer me
this IS a serious question


  1. Egyptian magick, h,mmmm.
    I don’t known for sure. Try your local library, under the religion section.
    Or look for a new age store inside your town.
    Good luck, and carefull with your practices,
    Blessed Be )O(

  2. Be careful, those old Egyptian spirits might grab ya!
    Okay, drive to the nearest cliff and jump!
    Inubus is waitng for ya!
    You’re frigg’in Dee-Dee-Dee!

  3. Look up “Kemetic Orthodoxy” on Google. That may provide you with some starting points.
    But be aware – the Kemetics I’ve known take their faith very seriously, and don’t have a high threshhold for frivolous seekers. You may want to clarify what you mean by “Egyptian white magick” before you go asking around about it.

  4. I have branched out a bit over the years, as Wicca is not just the stereo typecast people of yesteryear.. I have only recently bought books on Egyptian magick, which I am learning to intergrate into my rituals.. Firstly I will name the books I have— Egyptian Paganism for Beginners..by Jocelyn Almond & Keith Sedden… Offering to Isis.. by M. Isidora Forrest, she is also the author of Isis Magic….Lastly,— Ritual Use Of Magical Tools.. by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero.. I added the last book as it deals with a variety of Ritual Tools, including Egyptian… I am assuming that you live in the USA.. There is an Isis cult in most of the major countries of the world, there was one in England that predated the Romans..I will suggest that you have a look at witchvox.com , there are listings for just about everything and you can localise it down.. That’s all I can think of at the moment… Love and Light.. Blessed Be … )O(

  5. hey im not trying to preach to u or anything but havent u heard of the curses that happen 2 ppl messing with the tombs just might happen if u mess with the magic just be careful

  6. I’ve always been interested in Egyptian Magick!! I have studied a little of it, but would not recommend it to people, as it is more than just a branch of Magick. Indeed, by the ancient Egyptians it was considered more of a Religion than anything else, as it was channeling the power of the Gods, rather than using their own power. In fact, the only humans to be mentioned to have any powers of their own were Priests no less! The rituals were all spoken in their ancient tongue, and powers were given from the Gods for their effort, apparently.
    As with the divide between White and Black Egyptian Magick, I don’t think it exists. Most of it is Dark, because most of it was done with ill intent. The only good things were when it would be for crops to grow. The Egyptians, while very majestic, clever, and downright amazing, were not all very nice people. While you were supposed to live a life whereby your heart would be pure and as light as Maat’s Feather- they had a very different view of morals as we do now! I would certainly not pracitce much Egyptian Magick. While I have the knowledge, I also have the knowledge that I’m not going to use it!
    It is also pretty complicated as it would mean learning Hieroglyphics and also much of the ancient language. I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners, OR intermediates. For simply learning, it is a good and interesting subject, but for actual practicing, it’s impractical and there are better ways to manipulate energy (I don’t actually think most of the Egyptian stuff really works….). But if you feel this is the path for you, I’m sure there is so much out there on the internet- just do a google search! I’m also sure you can find some cheaper books on eBay and Amazon. There are loads of free websites that can tell you about what the Egyptians tried to acheive through Magick, but I doubt many will list actual instructions for you.
    And can I please say, in defence of us “Christians”, we are not all time-wasting, all-preaching, God-bothering maniacs! Some of us have a life *hint hint go get one hint* ^_^ In love, light and sincerity, Tasha x
    p.s. email me if you need anything else! at missytetra@yahoo.co.uk *smiles*


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