Does anyone know what happened with the Nepalese "buddha boy" who was meditating for 10 months?

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I remember seeing a program on TV about him ages ago. I think it was called “The boy with divine powers” and he’s been meditating for 10 months without food or water. There was a repeat on last night and it got me wondering if anyone knew what happened to him in the end? I googled it but couldn’t really find any details.

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On 10th November 2008 he reappeared in a jungle but I believe he keeps moving from place to place so knowone can find him since he wants be in peace there are actually other people who does what he does meditate and go for days without food and water but they live in the mountains away from everyone


Oh yea..I forgot about him. Heres what I found today.
Last Updated: Monday, 20 March 2006, 11:15 GMT
Nepalese Buddha Boy ‘reappears’
See the boy
A missing Nepalese teenager popularly known as “Buddha Boy” reappeared briefly on Sunday, his followers say.
The committee managing the meditation site of Ram Bomjan, 16, released video of its members purportedly meeting the boy near his village in southern Nepal.
The boy’s meditation and apparent 10-month fast attracted global attention before he vanished in March.
Large numbers of devotees flocked to see him to leave offerings. A massive search operation is still under way.
‘Not to worry’


Anyone who believes the human body can survive that long without food or water is just as insane as anyone who tries it!


and someone who achieves it , what he is ?


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