Does anyone know what a shaman is i cant seem to find an exact awnser.?

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BillRoy McBill

Play World of Warcraft. = )


A sort of priest in ancient Amerindian or Steppe cultures that would oversee certain aspects of the congregations – usually spirutal matters of various disorganized paganism, but often into medicine and political leadership as well depending on the society,

you can find them in your local churches. YES, shamans now are the modern day PRIESTS.


someone who has the abilities to interact with the “other worlds” and spirits.
mainly found in tribal life.


Tribal Elder, Medicine man, Teacher, student, Spiritual guide, many things.

Elaine M

Each continent has a slightly different version. The ones in Asia/Mongolia are different than the South or Central American ones, who are different than the Caribbean ones, who are different than the Australian ones, or the African ones or the Inuit ones or the Native American ones….etc. etc. etc.
Which version were you interested in?
The common thread is that the person who is the shaman uses spirit guides and totems, and is connected spiritually with the ‘other world’ AND he or she works for the community of people who are around him/her. It’s not an individual practicing anything for themselves, it’s someone who is there for the community.


It’s an E’venk word, it’s in the dictionary, Look up Shamanism in Wikipedia, they exist all over the world and shamanism is probably the original spiritual tradition of humanity.


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