Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know what a psychic attack is?

Does anyone know what a psychic attack is?

I have heard so many people mention this lately. I have asked a few people and as near as I can figure is that it has to do with one psychic attacking another psychic or one of their family members mentally in order to gain something like knowledge or ability. Is this what it really is?


  1. Most importantly, if you have “heard so many people mention this lately,” you need to get out of where you are and flee. NOW. Under normal, non-threatening circumstances, you aren’t supposed to hear “psychic attack” from “so many people.” If you are hearing this from so many people, you need to consider that you are a member of a cult.

  2. Hello Pamela
    No, psychic attack is an energy matter. It is someone who is down, depressed simply tiring out another due to their mood
    see profile 🙂


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