Does Anyone know what a gatekeeper or spirit guide is?

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in witchcraft, is a gatekeeper the same thing as a spirit guide?
Also, do you need a spirit guide or do you need to contact a spirit guide before doing a seance or a conjuring spell to contact a dead spirit of a loved one?

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How did the english language get so screwed up. A Gatekeeper means the Keeper of the Gate or someone or something that protects a specific place or thing. A spirit guide is a guide, one who travels the journey of life with you, helping you. In the spirit world you have a Guardian Angel and the helpers, spirit guides. Each spirit guide helps with his or hers own specialty. I have no idea about seances. My belief Live life the best you can and let the past love ones be alive in your memories. I don’t believe we have Gatekeepers for our thoughts or minds if we did then we have no choices to make, The Gatekeepeer would let in what he wanted and keep out what he didn’t. I do believe we have forces that are with us to help us if we are willing to listen to them . Witchcraft was a term meaning “good wise people” I’m not sure what it means now. Some witches makes potions, I’d call them a Herbalist. Some witches are spellcasters, I’d call them positive or negative thinkers. I’m curious what you’re really dealing with here?

Jamie D

In a way, a gatekeeper is indeed very similar to a spirit guide. Both are intermediaries, spirits who aid you by effectively acting like bouncers (you can get through, but the rest of you sod off!)
Some mediums get by without spirit guides, but I wouldn’t recommend it. In any case, you have to have *some* sensitivity to such things before you even think about questions like “do I need a spirit guide?”
Also, contact with the dead is not all it’s cracked up to be, and can sometimes hold back the proper grieving procedure.


Why would you want to talk to a demon in the first place? It is an abdominable practice.

Isola B

Malina…a demon is a TOTALLY different entity.


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