Does anyone know the address of the Reiki Grandmasters Dr. Nalina Narula and Renoo Narula.?

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Please let me know their address if you know it. I need to contact them for healing purposes

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All I can find is that they are based in Delhi and have a holistic healing centre called the whole earth


I do not know, but in case you heed the healing anyway, try go to yahoo groups. There are some reiki forums, you can ask for free healings there. Some that I know of are Grassroot, Higher Path, Pendulum, Reiki University forums.
Any particular healing purpose? I might be willing to help and share…


karmic healing foundation
A-14 anand Niketan New delhi 110021
phones – 24115990;24114694


A 14 Anand Niketan , n delhi ph 011 – 24119686 , 24114685


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