Does anyone know tai chi 24 form?

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I know the form but i forgot the names of each movement,can someone help me?

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no i dont know tai chi forms


i do wudang style so it maybe different there single whip creeping snake, as if closing a door, brush knee push, cloud hands. and dats all i can think of srry


i do yang taijiquan… the moves to the short form are:
Beginning Taiji
Ward off Left
Grasp Birds Tail
Single Whip
Uplift Hands
Pull Back
White Crane Fans Its Wings
Brush Knee Twist
Play The Lute
Brush Knee Twist
Close of Taiji
hope this is the same form you do, if you have a move that you don’t know the name to, describe it to me and i’ll tell you the name.
good luck!!!

Becky F



I checked several web sites for you ,I think this article is the more useful for you ,
List of Movements
T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Beijing Short 24 Form
Standard Simplified Version, 24 Movements, 1956, Yang Style
First Section
1. Opening Movements
[WuJi, Raising and Lowering Hands – Qi-Ji, Beginning, Commencement,
Starting Posture]
2. Wild Horse Shakes Its Mane
Zuo-You Ye-Ma Fen-Zong
[Parting the Horse’s Mane, Wild Horse Waves His Mane]
Left Leg and Hand Forward, Right Arm Back and Down
Right Leg and Hand Forward, Left Leg Back and Down
Left Leg and Hand Forward, Right Arm Back and Down
3. White Crane Cools Its Wings
[Stork Spreading Its Wings]
Bai-Ne Liang-Chi
Left Hand High, Right Hand Low
4. Brush Knee
[Brushing Your Knees and Stepping, Brush Knee and Twist Step]
Zuo-You Lu-Xi Niu-Bu
Brush Left Knee and Twist Step, Right Palm Forward Strike
Brush Right Knee and Twist Step, Left Palm Forward Strike
Brush Left Knee and Twist Step, Right Palm Forward Strike
5. Play the Pipa
[Play the Guitar, Playing the Lute]
Shou-Hui Pi-Pa
Second Section
6. Step Back and Repulse Monkey
[Fending Off the Monkey, Step Back to Drive the Monkey Away]
[Step Back and Swirl Your Arms]
Zuio-You Dao-Jun-Hong
Left Leg and Arm Back, Right Arm Forward
Right Leg and Arm Back, Left Arm Forward
Left Leg and Arm Back, Right Arm Forward
Right Leg and Arm Back, Left Arm Forward
7. Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail – Left Side (Four Gates)
[Grasp the Bird’s Tail]
Zuo Lan-Qiao-Wei
7a. Ward Off (Peng)
7b. Roll Back (Lu)
7c. Press (Ji)
7d. Push (An)
8. Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail – Right Side
You Lan-Qiao-Wei
8a. Ward Off
8b. Pull Back
8c. Press
8d. Push
9. Single Whip
[Simple Whip or Whip]
Third Section
10. Wave Hands Like Clouds (Cloud Hands)
[Moving Hands Like Clouds]
Move from Right Side to Left Side
Move from Left Side to Right Side
Move from Right Side to Left Side
Move from Left Side to Right Side into Single Whip
11. Single Whip
12. Stroke the Horse’s Back
[Patting the Horse’s Neck While Riding, Stroke the Horse
From Above, Asking for Directions While Riding a Horse]
13. Kick with Right Heel
Right Heel Kick
Turn torso to right side, Cross and Separate Hands at Face,
Kick with Right Heel, Right Arm in Front and Left Arm in Back
14. Box Opponent’s Ears with Both Fists, Turn
[Hitting Your Opponent’s Ears with Both Fists]
15. Kick with Left Heel
[Turn Around, and Kick with Left Heel; Left Heel Kick]
Zhuan-Shen Zuo-Deng-Jiao
Turn, Cross and Separate Hands at Face, Kick with Left Foot,
Left arm in Front and Right Arm in Back at Shoulder Height
Fourth Section
16. Snake Creeps Down – Right Side
[Crooked Whip – Left, Squat Down and Stand on Right Leg]
Climb Down and Stand on Your Left Leg
Zuo-Xia-Shi Du-Li
Squat Down and Balance on Right Leg
Left Leg Forward and Left Arm Down and Forward
Right Arm Back and Up, Hand in Beak Position
17. Golden Cock Stands on Left Leg
Zuo-Xia-Shi Du-Li
Right Knee High
Right Hand High
18. Snake Creeps Down – Left Side
[Crooked Whip – Right, Squat Down and Stand on Left Leg]
Squat Down and Balance on Left Leg
Climb Down and Stand on Your Right Leg
You-Xia-Shi Du-Li
Right Leg Forward and Right Arm Down and Forward
Left Arm Back and Up, Hand in Beak Position
Golden Cock Stands on Right Leg
You-Xia-Shi Du-Li
Left Knee High
Left Arm High
19. Fair Lady Works the Shuttles
[Throwing the Loom to Left and Right Side]
Zuo-You Chaun-Zuo
Right Side: Right Forearm Block, Left Palm Strike
Left Side: Left Forearm Block, Right Palm Strike
20. Picking Up the Needle from the Bottom of the Ocean
[A Needle at the Bottom of the Sea]
Reach down with Left Hand
Fifth Section
21. Unfolding Arms Like a Fan
[Fan Through the Back, Fend Off and Push Away with Arms]
22. Turn, Shoulder Strike, Back Fist, Parry and Punch
[Turing Around, Warding Off, Punching; Turn, Intercept and Punch]
Zhuan-Shen- Ban-Lan-Chui
23. Cross Block and Push
[Clearing Cross Block and Pushing; As if Blocking and Closing]
Ru-Feng Si-Bi
L hand clears under R forearm, draw both arms back,
Shift weight back: R 80 – L 20,
Shift weight forward, push with two hands,
L leg 70 – R leg 30, Direction 3
24. Turn, Cross Hands and Close
[Crossing Your Hands, Conclusion, Concluding Posture]
Shi-Zi-Shou. Shou-Shi
Feet a shoulder width apart, 50L-50R
Hands crossed, R hand in front, at chest level
Direction: 12

Loretta Wollering

Canada 2006 is correct. The other Yang Short Form, I believe, is the one from Cheng, Man-Ching. The one above, broken into sections, is the standardized Beijing Yang 24 Short Form.


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