Does anyone know of any pagan groups in the Eugene, Oregon area?

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I may be relocating to take a job in Eugene. If things go well, I’ll be hired by May. My whole family is very spiritual and pagan and I’d like to chat with some folk out there before moving.

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Soulful Kris

Phi Betta Kappa at U of O.

Cheryl E

There are loads of them. Go to and search the state of Oregon for groups. You’ll find western Oregon to be one of the most Pagan-friendly places in the country.


The local catholic church in your neighborhood should do perfectly.


hmmmm when i lived in Eugene some 17-18 years ago there was a good size pagan community there. if i were you i’d check out the Saturday Market (if it’s still going on) and see if you can make any connections. the Saturday Market is/was(?) a small weekly craft fair and a lot of the crafters were Crafters. i liked Eugene.


Hey buddy, if I found it in 3 seconds on a Yahoo! search, you can, too! Good luck!

Have a Blessed Yule!
That’s how I found a local group!

Karl T

I actually think that there is a large Hellenic polytheist and Greco-Egyptian syncretists group out there and quite a few staying with an hour’s drive from Eugene.
I think that Neosalexandria is going to arrange a gathering in Eugene at Oregon in 2009.


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