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Does anyone know of a site that helps you quit smoking through buddhist meditation techniques?

my self atman would appreciate it.


  1. I have never been a smoker, but I have seen how superhard it is for people to quit. I knew an abbot of a zen monastery that smoked for years. He would go out behind his own monastery to grab a smoke. lol
    I would say that you really should look at all the other resources that are out there to help you quit – but use Buddhism as your source of strength to help you through it. There are some good books out there on Buddhism and addictions. (Link below)
    In terms of some kind of natural technique – I’d say look to Yoga. An initial google search shows me a lot of resources out there about using yoga to help quit smoking. I think this is partially because yoga emphasizes physical health, and also has techniques to help you get that good healthy air into your lungs.
    Good luck.

  2. Buddhists most likely would say anatman, or ‘no-self.’ Meaning, there is no intrinsically existent self that exists beyond the collection of parts that is named “joe.” Well, what does that mean? It means that when “your parts” came together, smoking wasn’t part of you. Likewise, you can stop whenever you decide to. One thing you can do is stop buying cigarettes. Another is stop touching cigarettes. Another is not having cigarettes and lighters or matches together in your hands. Another is not putting dry cigarettes in your mouth. Another is doing something else when you feel you “have” to smoke a cigarette. If any of these aren’t cutting it for you, think about this. If you can not smoke for six to eight hours (say, while sleeping) then there is nothing preventing you from stopping anytime you decide to stop. Just don’t do it. Further, you can look at an image of the Conqueror Shakyamuni Buddha and try though you might, you will not see a cigarette anywhere near his hands or mouth. That you would call yourself a Buddhist means you seek refuge in not only the Teacher but what he taught and that true paths would lead to cessation; so, if you would want to stop hitting your thumb with a hammer, you would first have to move your thumb. Or, put down the hammer. Or, not have your finger near where the hammer strikes. Hitting your finger with a hammer is a result of these other conditions all being present – removing any one of them removes the result. Likewise, if you remove the cigarettes you can’t smoke them. In more subtle analysis, there are no cigarettes; there is just your craving. Let the last cigarette you smoked be your last cigarette. Just don’t do it. Sit down and meditate for five minutes instead. If you used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day – and instead now meditate for five minutes twenty times a day, you would be well on your way to developing a fairly strong mindfulness which could be directed at any virtuous object of observation at will and then, you would be well on your way – away from smoking and into something useful like Dharma practice. Best wishes to you! (By the way, I used to smoke like a fish, so it can be done!)

  3. Sorry I don’t know about these meditation techniques but I know there is a special acupressure/acupuncture point in each ear. Those points are the special points to treat a person for any kind of “dependency’. I have shown it to a lot of people and it does work. Try to find a book or ask an acupressurist to show you where these points are and then you can just do it yourself whenever you feel like it and as many times as you want. Just make sure you also apply pressure as soon as you feel like having a cigaret .It is important that, after you have applied hard pressure with your fingers for about 10 secs, you release the pressure very very slowly (3 secs).


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