Does anyone know of a reputable college that offers a degree in metaphysical studies?

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I want to obtain a degree in metaphysics or other related topics. I am most interested in learning about the human energy field, energy healing, and auras. I prefer to take my classes online, but all of the colleges that I found that offer this type of degree seem like scams. Does anyone know of a reputable college offering this type of program, or is there a different name I should search under (instead of metaphysics)? Thanks 🙂

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no because it is not a reputable field.

Ryad V

Surf the net but I suggest you work with a spiritual healer or become and apprentice


Maybe you want to consider theology or philosophy.


The American Holistic Nurses Association has a listing of schools under the following categories:
Endorsed programs-
Endorsed programs have passed process of peer review and have to keep to prescribed standards of training etc.
Approved programs-
Approved programs are programs for nursing credentialing and continuing education.
The AHNA also offers scholarship and other financial assistance –
Here are some schools that might be close to what you are looking for. I have heard positive things about the programs below but cannot speak from direct experience. As with any educational program a visit is a very useful aspect of any educational search:
Maharishi University
(you can find a list of programs at )
Anoka Ramsey Community College ( ) offers a program in Integrative Health and Healing ( )
Minneapolis Community and Technical College offers a program on Western Clinical Herbalism ( )
Midwest College of Oriental Medicine
( )


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