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Does anyone know of a place in Toronto where I can get affordable yoga clothes?

I prefer to purchase from a store, but a Canadian online retailer will do too (i dont want to pay shipping fees). I do bikram yoga so I’m looking mostly for athletic bras and shorts but also maybe a pair of comfortable yoga pants for at home stretches… I really like Shakdi activewear but the shipping fees are more than the clothes! And lululemon is just way too pricey…


  1. Anyone looking for “Specialty” yoga anything is an idiot.
    Just wear something comfortable as if doing some cardio or aerobics. You don’t need anything fancy to practice yoga. Yoga has been around for centuries. Do you honestly believe that when it was first created, people needed “specialty” clothes or equipment?
    It’s like buying a bookmark. Just use a piece of paper or a business card or something. It’s a waste of money.
    You need to breathe alot for yoga – Wanna buy some air? I’m selling some at a good price.

  2. Don’t get the Walmart stuff – I tried that and the elastic wears out and the pants slide down while doing Yoga – really quite distracting while trying to focus on yoga!
    I have had great luck with Joe Fresh yoga gear. The elasticity seems to last, even after many washes, and they are cute, too! I’ve never tried their athletic bras, so I don’t know how supportive they are, but I would check them out.


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