Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know of a good wiccan protection spell?

Does anyone know of a good wiccan protection spell?

I find this had to ask. I am wiccan, BUT I JUST DONT KNOW. I have an amulet that I would live to cast a spell on so that I can ward of psychic attacks. At least until I learn to do that on my own. If you have a spell suggestion, please make sure that it is low maintence if possible. Thanks, Blessed Be.


  1. My favorite general protection spell is the “witches jar.” Takes a little prep time but is very effective. I renew mine every five years or so just in case anything happens to the original jar.
    I know a few others, but I don’t post them in open forums like this one. If you want to email me, you can do so through my profile.

  2. Light a candle and ask your favorite deity for protection… some deities are better for this mind you (Athena, Ishtar, Ares, Thor, Ogma, etc) but a close connection is more important than the particular attributes. (Even Idun will protect you if you offer a prayer to her every day)

  3. Raising some energy and casting a circle of protection (imagine something along the lines of a white glowing sphere engulfing you) is a relatively common one, and it can be strengthened and raised whenever you feel the need. A little clear quartz can help you there too.
    Adding a little dragon’s blood is fantastic for protection, as is anything purifying, such as salt or garlic. Hope it helps ^_^
    Brightest blessings, and may your days be filled with Love, Light and Laughter

  4. Wicca teaches the proper cure for the proper ill.
    Are you under RELIGIOUS attack? No? Then the answer isn’t a religious action.

  5. Here you go.
    Jewelry Amulet Spell
    Color of the day: Gray
    Incense of the day: Rose
    It’s easy to make any piece of jewelry you own into a protective
    talisman. Choose your favorite ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet, or
    other jewelry item that you wear often. First, clean the item with
    whatever method is safest for that type of jewelry. If in doubt, use
    water and toothpaste. As you clean, imagine any negative energy
    associated with the item being cleared away. Next, charge the item by
    either allowing it to sit beneath the sunlight for a day or the
    moonlight overnight, or simply visualize your specific need as you
    hold the item in your hand. Finish by chanting:
    My body this item
    does adorn,
    May it serve me well.
    Keep me from harm whenever it’s worn,
    May it serve me well.
    Zandore Elder Hawk High Priest

  6. Pick several protective herbs such as basil, mistletoe, dill, horehound, rosemary, mugwort, rue, and/or Saint-John’s-wort, and bind the stems together with red thread, then hang them beside your door.

  7. How do you know that you are under psychic attacks? If you are not – then what makes you think this is something you have to worry about right now?
    “I have an amulet that I would live to cast a spell on so that I can ward of psychic attacks. At least until I learn to do that on my own.”
    Casting a spell on an amulet IS you creating the change you want ‘on your own’. The object is just a tool – the energy to cast a spell comes from you.
    “please make sure that it is low maintence if possible”
    Huh? If you were under serious psychic attacks, sorry – but you’ve got some work to do. If you are looking for easy answers and quick fixes, you are probably not on the right path – from my experience, Wicca requires much independent study and self-exploration, as does the practice of witchcraft (which is what casting a spell would be).
    I would recommend the book linked below to help you learn psychic “self-defense” and protection magic.


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