Home Discussion Forum Does anyone know of a coven in louisville open to Wiccan teens?

Does anyone know of a coven in louisville open to Wiccan teens?

I’m Celtic Wiccan and I’ve wanted to join a coven for a long time now, though I don’t know anyone else in Louisville that’s Wiccan. Does anyone know if theres a coven open to new members? I’m 14 by the way.


  1. no its a very bad idea…..ask your mother….hopefully she will talk you out of this if its even true….ugh
    try Methodism….

  2. most covens don’t accept initiates unless they’re 18 or over. basically because they think you should be fully ready to accept this decision. and even then you’ll most likely have to study for about a year before your fully accepted incase you are not ready to change your faith or do not want to deep down. wiccans generally do not try to convert people.
    covens generally take acceptance seriously and will only do it once you have sincerely thought about it.
    so you’ll have to wait atleast another 4 years. sorry.

  3. I know of no practising coven that will accept people under 18 years old, in UK or USA…. it wouldn’t be right… sorry can’t help….

  4. Answer: If you are not a member of a Wiccan family, you need to get your parents permission to join any coven if you are not of legal age. There ARE indeed children who are being raised in Pagan religions and actively practice them, HOWEVER their parents are members of those religions.
    If your parents are not, then you need to get their permission BEFORE any ethical coven will accept a minor as a member.

  5. Most reputable covens will not allow someone under the age of 18 to join.
    Some may with parental permission, but it is unlikely.

  6. You can look online and make your own decisions.
    Most people think its about spells n devils n stuff and for some that is true. They aren’t the true wiccans. What most wiccans call spells, could be considered prayers. There are lots of sites on the internet but be careful, most are only looking for children and teens to abuse and confuse.
    Pray a lot before ya make a choice to join something. Wait for that quiet resolve in the pit of your soul to guide you.
    Good Luck.

  7. Ditto to what others are saying.
    Legitimate covens are not generally going to accept a minor. There are some that accept the children of current initiates, but I know of no covens that accept minors. I would not accept a minor even if both his/her parents granted permission in writing. It’s not necessarily about legality, it’s about maturity and our respect for parents to raise their children in whatever religion they wish.
    You may find a study group that is willing to accept teens but with the exception of covens that accept their initiates own children, any coven that accepts teens is not a coven you want to have anything to do with.

  8. If you find a coven that will take you in before 18 – I would be concerned about their Ethics and structure.
    Most well structured, organized, ethical covens will typically have adults go through an Apprenticeship (usually, a year and a day) before even allowing you to petition to enter into their Coven. Even then, they may make you wait even longer and continue your solitary practices.
    The year and a day minimum is a good time peroid- because you will be able to see if a coven is really for you too, you may not like it and choose to not petition.
    How long have you been practicing Wicca?
    What do you want to get out of “joining” a coven? Sense of unity with others? (just checking).
    Do your parents support your practice? (This is very important)
    If your parents do not know, you best share this with them before connecting with others on Witchvox so there are no suprises. No different than the internet – it all depends on your parent’s style.

  9. Why dont you start your own? get your hands on some books on beginner witches and meet in a safe enviroment (like at home) and make it happen. You dont need a coven to learn about Wicca….If you are interested this much take it as a sign you are ready.

  10. Brightest blessings )o( I’m looking for a coven myself. I have been a Wiccan since I was a small child, I just didn’t have a name for it. Now I am 24 and have my path figured out. My advice would to be to study hard, record your knowledge in a book of shadows and first find your own path before you practice with others. Its hard fitting in when the beautiful religion is frowned upon. So it’s nice to find others like me 🙂 I wish you the best of luck 🙂 and if anyone knows of a local coven welcoming new members, please reply! Thanks! Blessed be.

  11. Hi, I’m Jamie. I know its been a while since you posted this but I figured I’d give it a shot. I’ve just moved to Louisville and I’m trying to start a coven. I was raised neopagan and was part of my mom’s coven since i turned sixteen until I moved away for college. I’m now twenty and I really miss the group setting.

  12. I agree, though the deeper magics that one may accidentally stumble upon without studying anything can be quite excluding to the young mage. I recently remembered a former life in which I was a very powerful witch and the knowledge is sometimes more than I can bear emotionally…
    I am thinking of starting a Facebook coven; simply a place for us in Kentucky and the Louisville area might share courage and guidance with one another. If one felt like meeting another, meeting would simply be a matter of asking and besides that, the wall would be a sort of digital book of shadows. I will likely be working on this soon.


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