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Does anyone know if you can fire metal clay with crystals inbedded into it.?

Im trying to make a crystal wand for a friend I need to know if crystals can be put intoi an oven without breaking or getting damaged.


  1. you said oven not kiln- so i will answer based on that-
    glass and crystal thermal shock between 500 – 1000 degrees- meaning these are the finicky temperatures-
    ovens dont really reach 500 degrees (F) so you should be okay-
    but if reaching temps of more- you need to be sure your clay and crystals expand and contract compatibly- and go slow during those shock temps (up and on way back down)
    all the best

  2. If you are talking about precious metal clay that converts to real silver or gold, then you are going to have to be very careful. The temps given here
    will soften or melt glass crystals. Quartz (rock) crystals will not, but some gem crystals will change color. If this is to be a stage prop, then you could use polymer clay and be totally safe.


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