does anyone know if Tinnitus has anything to do with telepathy??

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Tinnitus is when you hear a buzz that doesn’t exists

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Grace Paris

No, it is an imbalance in the ear. Telepathy is from the 5th chakra and is in the neck. Although tinnitus can be relieved form balancing the energy field.


its not telepathy.
there’s a perfect, medical explanation for tinnitus.
in your inner ear, thousands of auditory cells keep an electrical charge and maintain it. microscopic little hairs are found on the surface of each auditory cell. when undisturbed, these hairs move in relation to the pressure generated by sound waves. the movement of the hairs trigger the cell to discharge electricity through the nerves to your brain for interpretation of sound.
if the fine hairs inside your inner ear are damaged (often by ageing, noise damage or other medical conditions), they move randomly and in a state of irritation. the electrical charge gets disrupted, the auditory cells transmit random electrical impulses which your brain interprets as noise, often perceived as a buzzing. medically known as tinnitus.
again, you’re not telepathic. sorry…

Martha Y

if that was the case I be the biggest billionaire world


Having had tinnitus for years I can assure you that it exists although not of course, externally to the ear. I am not telepathic nor are any of the elderly gentlemen of my acquaintance who are afflicted with this problem.


No. When something is wrong with the ear so it does not hear outside sounds good, it ears (search these terms since this is a complex subject) the soundless sound, the unstruck music, anahat nada.,+the+unstruck+music,+anahat+nada.&spell=1

sweet joe

If you notice the tones changing, when you go into deeper meditative states……..try this! Focus on the highest pitch in your left ear, and then the right one. (you will probably notice the left is lower) This part takes practice, because now you must listen to both at the same time. When you do it right you will get one new tone, the last step is to become one with it ; merge. .. I’ve had an experiance hope you do to.


Tinnitus tones can impart telepathic insight. The tones noticeably change when others are thinking of me, like right before a phone call comes through, or at times that later match up to long email letters from friends.
Start to notice the tone you are hearing. Then notice when it changes. Eventually you’ll begin to notice patterns emerge. Analyze those patterns to figure out the intuitive sense of your tinnitus.


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