Does anyone know if the Chakra practice really works?

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or even if it helps with depression…?
I really want to know, thanks 🙂

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I don’t think so it really helps.
I think proper nutrition, exercise and enough sleep helps with depression. Avoid alcohol
Meditation also helps.

European Chick

It could.
Generally, depression on an energy level manifests as one of two: either a great lack of energy in almost all of the chakra’s (type 1, less common) or an abundance of disruptive energy in several of the chakra’s (type 2, more common).
Temporary fixes for type 2 include going for a stroll through a cemetary (strong vampiric energy, will drain everything including the disruptive energy) or sitting with your back against a vampiric tree (poplar or aspen, most notably) with your butt on its roots, feeling the energy drain, and afterwards doing the same with a giving tree (birch, oak, fruit trees). A swim in the sea will also often help some as a temporary fix on an energy level. In order to prevent the disruptive energies from returning very quickly, more extensive practice is needed with balancing out and reinforcing the chakra’s to get a good energy flow going. Someone might be able to do a lot of this for you, you can also achieve some effects with chakra oils and herbal ointments for the purpose, and you should definitely teach yourself some chakra exercises and practice them. Expecting results within a few days is not realistic, within two months or so one could notice effects though.
Type 1 can also be treated with chakra work, but it is more difficult. In that regard, general exercises for harvesting energy and improving energy flow as well as getting rid of what is “eating” your energy (will often be energy entities that have been created through negative patterns of thought and experiences, sometimes addressing what shamans call “soul loss” is required) are advisable and in this regard no one else will be able to do this for you – teach you how to do it, at most – and it’ll take several years of exercises for yourself to really get right if general lack of energy is your issue. On the other hand, if this is your issue you are also likely having other health issues, and they too will be deminished by restoring proper energy balance.
Besides energy work, conventional therapy is always a good idea for any kind of illness, depression including, since a multi-faceted attack always improves chances of recovery with diseases – diseases are rarely ONLY a matter of the body/mind or ONLY a matter of the soul. However, if energy work is something you are interested in, I’ve described some of it for you.


anyone know present normal works, going on CHAKRA this is true, so keep right work with Emotion
DEPRESSION is only our thought, now go positive


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