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Does anyone know how to tell if someone is a succubus and if so how can i break their hold over someone?

It probably sounds insane. Scratch that, it DOES sound completely insane. However, i was wondering if there was anyway to tell if someone is a succubus and if so how to break their hold over someone. If you don’t believe in Succubi then please base your answers on folklore or general myth. Can’t hurt to try, right?


  • I was once told by a tarot card reader that i was a succubus. At first i was upset, but quickly saw the characteristics in myself. All i know is how i do it (which was done unconcsiously, no harm intended). I dont know anything about breaking a hold.

  • Well I had an encounter with an Incubus just yesturday. One of the demonic variety. A very close friend had come to me asking me to do a psychic read on someone she was hanging with to see if he was cheating. We both ran in to him and I imedeately sensed and saw the creature for what it was. It had a strong hold on her. (a hold that I’m breaking through intense spell work and prayer.) and the Incubus knew I could see it for what it was and got very pissed. I was attacked by the two demons with it but fought them off. Granted with conciderable pain. My friend (who herself is an energy vampyre) saw what happened to me and broke the biggest hold herself. She used her abilities to heal the damage to me, and I placed SEVERAL binding spells on it and protection spells over both of us. I’ve always been able to see “behind the vail” as it were. Not everyone has that gift. (in Christianity it’s Dicerning of Spirits btw. The Bible also says to test the spirits to see if they are of God or not.) sorry about bad spelling

  • Stop, you cant spot out a succubus. They blend in like normal people. If you could notice we would still be hunting them like witches!

    • Succubus Are Noticeable. They have a human form. God Thought he could kill the children, He was wrong. God Can’t strip a half god. God can’t takeaway Godhood of Half Gods, But he Can take away full Godhood. God doesn’t Have the knowledge to do so. God thought he took away the power be half god, He was wrong.

  • I can tell because she ither stokes you then she tries to find you she followes you home she trys to give you a kiss on the lips for a while then she askes you out or she trys to marry you on the spot

  • This is just my personal opinion, but I think there are probably 2 kinds of succubi or incubi.

    The kinds you’ll hear about in folklore and demonology are the demonic kind. These are supposed to be very nasty beings that drain your lifeforce and really have no consideration for your well-being. I can’t give you advice on these kinds, because I don’t know enough about them.

    The other kind are living people who can create a psychic bond with another person to feed off their vital energy. I think this would pretty much always be a psychic vampire, though they might not know they are one. In this kind of situation, the person who is feeding the vampire, won’t mind it at first, but might get more and more tired, listless or depressed over time.

    Any techniques that can be used to prevent a psychic vampire from taking one’s energy should also work with this kind of succubus or incubus. Do a Google search on [shielding] and [psychic vampire] for more information. If the person is in a toxic relationship with the vampire/succubus, they should get out of it. Ultimately, that is their decision, though, not yours. You can only suggest your advice and be supportive of them.

    Within the real vampire community, psychic vampires who feed on sexual energy sometimes refer to themselves as succubi or incubi. I have a psi-vamp friend who sees himself as an incubus, by this definition. I also seem to dreamwalk and feed on sexual energy sometimes, so I think of myself as being a sort of succubus too. (A coworker of mine said he dreamt of me at the same time I dreamt of him. His dream was sexual, mine wasn’t, but this can still be an indication of dreamwalking and psi-feeding within a dream.)

    Generally, a psychic vampire doesn’t want to hurt the person they’re feeding from, so if you can confront them about it, they might be able to back off and stop doing it. (A demonic succubus or incubus wouldn’t care if they were hurting the human they’re feeding from.) If the person doesn’t know or believe they are feeding off the other person, they probably won’t be able to do much about stopping it. An unconscious psychic vampire generally has very little control over his/her feeding.

    – P.

  • a succubus cannot stand up to God at all. Get God on your side and you will be able to overpower it. It may sound insane to some people, but if you’ve known one of these beings you know that it is no joke. Superstitious ritual is not effective, and only plays into their hands. You need to make an appeal to the highest power out there. God Bless you.

  • If the person in question is a succubus, or soul stealing demon lady, you will know, the male in question will do anything, anything, no matter the cost, to do her bidding. the best way to break the hold is to put a binding spell, or do a binding ritual over the succubus, all you need is 4 candles, 1white, 1black, 1 green, 1 red, a pinch of sea salt, a strong string, cord, or ribbon, preferably made of silk or other natural material, and part of the succubus, hair or something of value to this demon. het into a meditative state and concentrate on making this demonlady unable to move, unable to do anything at all, and as you visualise this, with candles lit, spread the pinch of sea salt into the piece of her, then wrap the cord tightly around the bundle and repeat, i bind thee from harming_____________, as many times as it takes until you feel it has worked. then go bury the peices on the east side of your abode, deep, you should be succubus free after that. good luck and blessed be~~

  • it think the difference between a succubus and a human is obvious. from what i know the hold can’t be broken.

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