Does anyone know how to tap into the Akashic Records?

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Please only answer if you know what the Akashic records are and if you really have insight. I have so many questions and the cost to go get a reading is so expensive and with the economy the way it is, I just don’t have the money right now. I want to find out who my spirit guide is, I want to know about my past lives and about the connections I have with people who are in my life now. If anyone has any knowledge on the subject please enlighten me 🙂 also feel free to email me on the subject or add me to yahoo IM upon request.
Love & Light

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I’m sure the FBI can assist u.


No, but I’m fairly good at tapping other things.

Boba Fett

You’re right to hang on to your purse. Akashic Records are a superstition and so are spirit guides. People who do such “readings” are frauds or fools.


I never have done this, but I do believe they can be accessed. Meditation would probably be a good method. However, your desire to know these things could cloud your ability to tap into the knowledge.
Learn to love who you are right now, let the path your on guide you to where you are going. Instead of trying to see the destination before you get there.


There are no spirit guides,and you have only one life.


The Akashic records are a ‘vault’ that is they are a timeless zone where all of history, past, present and FUTURE are recorded.
To access the Akashic records, one must have a deep sincerity towards Life, towards understanding life and towards other people.
One must also understand that the ‘Akashic’ records are within your OWN HEART.
To access them, you need to learn to “Be still and Know that I AM God” – and in meditation turn your attention to the regions of the heart.
ALL around us and deep within us is the Spirit of God (and this is not the time or the place to discuss the illusion of time and space) and accessing the Akashic records is a matter of determination, sincerity, perseverance.
Do not expect to enter them – you will receive ‘snapshots’ of that which you need to know, before you need to know it.
There are very few adepts at reading the Akashic records, but rest assured, once you dedicate your life to the Ever-Living God, that same Spirit will reveal to you, what you need to know as/before you need to know it.
The KEY – if I may use the term is SELFLESSNESS – acting with the common interest at HEART.
Do not expect everything you see and hear to make immediate sense because the Akashic records are protected by what is called the ‘veil of forgetting’ a powerful energy field that allows you access to them when you overcome the ego – i.e. forget yourselfishness.
BUT – to come back to yourself, you have to pass back through this veil and it will cause you to forget most of what you see.
Having said that – it is not necessary that you access these records, merely meditate and grow in understanding and Unity with God.
I hope this helps.


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